by Leigh Gallagher

Rip Tales – Jordan Stein


In keeping with real pre-Zuck San Francisco spirit, from the Beats to Brautigan to the language poets, give everything you can; withhold anything you want; such is the imperative and prerogative of the artist, whatever the risks, audience and establishment be damned.

An Interview with Arp


There’s a Virginia Woolf quote that’s really stuck with me this year—something like “Never to be yourself and yet always.” That’s part of the goal and that’s something I’ve thought about a lot—I want to be surprised by what I do so that it’s interesting to me. I want to not recognize what I’ve done.

Eight Girls Taking Pictures – Whitney Otto


I don’t want to say that Eight Girls has ruined these photographers for me, but by the end of the book, they’re obscure to me now, they’ve become half-people, cardboard stand-ins.