by Josh Billings

Figures of Muratov


There are times where the real subject of [Muratov’s] description seems to be not examples of art, places, or even people, but the relatively fleeting moments in between these things, which appear here almost by accident, like bystanders in a Polaroid.



The following is a translated excerpt from Pavel Muratov’s Obrazi Italii. Entering Pompeii one is surprised by the continual stream of foreigners to be found there, regardless of the hour of the day or time of year. The very gates of the ancient extinguished city resound with the discordant bustle of hotel and restaurant life. […]

The Books of Jacob – Olga Tokarczuk


The Books of Jacob suggests that, no matter how far apart our various spheres of experience may seem, they are, in fact, talking to each other.