by John Trefry

Heavens on Earth – Carmen Boullosa


Language is as much for sharing, being together, as it is for suppressing, delegitimizing.

Annihilation Songs – Jason DeBoer


The syntax of struggle does not prevail.

The Attraction of Things / Story of Love in Solitude – Roger Lewinter


Lewinter asserts that time, as a sentence, visible in its extent on the page, durational in its reading but not in its image, is a mass, present all at once, although aggregated like granite.

Joe Milazzo


I’ve always marveled at the architectural lexicon and the placid furiousness with which it names every feature, every ornament, every force.

The Sky Isn’t Blue – Janice Lee


This is Bachelard for the age of the digital memory, the confessional Bachelard.

The Surrender – Scott Esposito


The most fascinating aspect of THE SURRENDER is its project of reclaiming the thickness of language to describe a true self that is hermetically innate, but also temporally complex.