by Eric Van Hoose

Some Questions About First Novels


The history of the novel is also the history of people coming into an understanding of themselves, of the ways in which we use art not only to reflect but also to change ourselves.

Why Do Private Prisons Still Exist?


Mass imprisonment, through its privatization, has become intertwined with our way of life.

The Irate8


We basically wanted President Ono to say that he acknowledged that this was a murder, a hurtful thing. The University kept referring to it as “the incident.”

In Cincinnati


The University of Cincinnati police ride Segways.

On Hostile Architecture


As we became more comfortable locking people away in prisons, we also became more comfortable making the everyday environment inhabited by the general public into a private, confining space.

Prison Nations At War


If some people are freer than others in society at large, it is worth looking at the prison system to see if, within its confines, these differences are amplified.

Love in the Era of Amazon


Because we are being surveilled in so many other, more intimate, less visible ways, the absolute transparency of surveillance cameras has come to seem honest, clean-cut, and even nice.

Ferguson Correctional Institution


From the perspective of authorities, there isn’t much of a difference between prisons and neighborhoods, as we’ve seen happen in Ferguson.

Introducing: Prisons and Pop Culture


The US is supposed to value freedom above all else, yet imprisons more of its population than any other place on earth.

Shooting Stars


What’s missing from the debate over gun violence is the recognition that the power of our culture’s dominant narratives is at the heart of the issue.