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Heavily forested land with berry bushes and nut trees and hardwoods in rural mountainous setting with forks and creek. Free gas available and royalties. Somewhere between 80 and 125 acres. Surveyed. Lease unavailable. You’ll need to flag down the well servicing agent to get a phone number for operator who does not answer. Radioactive soils, history of discharges to land and water including land farming, present discharges to protected waterways. Flooding due to Yatesville Dam hydrologic gate failures. Anyone with chemical sensitivies should not consider this property and its resulting oozing rashes consistent with chemical burns and breathing problems probably from air discharges from Abarta Gas Plant emmissions. This property is not suitable for farm animals, pets, children, adults, fishing, swimming, hiking or farm animals. Really, it’s not suitable for building or habitation. It’s not suitable for 4-wheeling or hunting as above ground corroded gathering lines that feed to the transmission line on the ridgetops are all combustible and highly flamable. Majestic old standing lumber is not safe to fell or remove due to the magnitude of the condemnation by the gathering field. The unmarked pipes are not maintained and pose a serious risk of leakage and spills. The abandoned crusty ones are very toxic. Spills are known to have occurred on this property and on neighboring properties. The drilled water well should be considered contaminated. It’s missing the pump as someone stole it. At the bottom of the well is some kind of pinkish slime. Bears are known to be about. Beautiful water seeps. A pool of oil on neighbor’s property poses no immediate health risk. Hydraulically fractured wells on property have previously been blown with nitroglycerin. The area has lots of production wells where produced water is injected and a history of fire flooding and water flooding and hydraulic fracturing. Property inside the Martha Oil Field, which covers a 50 square mile area. High level contamination consistent with leaching, migration and karst geology has rendered all three main aquifers and surface waters verifiably contaminated. Fish advisories were in effect last I checked and local surface waters are not supportive of normal things. No county water to the property at present. Three wells of public record on property. Could be more! One seems to have desimated an old cemetery. Now, there are a bunch of pipes lying about and more buried, some even in the creek, some of which are broken and some smashed up and bent. And they do pose a bit of a trip hazard. ‘No Trespass’ signs are widely posted, but no signage is posted as to how to contact the operator, but the well servicing fellow knows how to reach him. Mountain top removal coming to this area rich in natural resources. It may have arrived. Tons of trucks already. Lots of traffic so that the dust may be a nuisance. A burial ground with at least 3 deceased persons has been excavated to prep for one of the on-site facilities. Cemetery fencing was removed and the graves have been disturbed for oil and gas production. Produced water tanks on site are known to collapse and leak and possibly overfill the unlined retention pits, but there’s a pipe to direct all byproducts to the forks. There may be an underground tank or two not of record. Definitely lots of leaks. Raw sewage discharged to forks and branches from adjacent properties has been a long-term practice. A pond that likely contained fracturing solution was ordered to be breached by the Corp of Engineers spilling it down the draw into the main creek at one point. This creek is one of two main tributaries of the popular Yatesville Lake. Another mountainside earthen ram retention pond, possibly an evaporation pond of toxins (wells are immediately adjacent) could flood the entire area at any time. Aside from that, the property is gorgeous and wonderful, very pleasing to the eye. This is not a full disclosure of known issues and violations. I realize that I must make a full disclosure, so please contact me if you are interested to own this lovely acreage or discuss other issues and violations. Cash only. Sorry, no land contracts. No seller carry. Selling ‘as is’ and ‘where is.’ Terms of purchase include and are not limited to the following: The purchase price shall increase $1000 (one thousand US) dollars for each day from the date of ad listing on 11 November 2013 until and including the date of sale consummation and closing. An additional $10,000 (ten thousands US dollars) per months shall increase the listed sales price starting from the date of the listing of this ad until the date of sale closing and consumation using a title company of seller’s choice. Attorney fees are billed at $1000 (one thousand US) dollars per hour will be paid by the buyer to the seller’s legal representative prior to the time of closing. No buyer fees or fees of any kind will be paid by the seller. All fees and costs associated with closing will be funded and paid for by the buyer. Some of these fees serve to compensate for the estimated 200 million US dollars of theft of natural resources. Any ‘blemishes’ or ‘clouds’ at present or of the future or assessments of any type on the property title shall be paid by the well operators and all associated oil, gas and mineral exploration agents of record. The operator is not in good standing with the State of Kentucky.

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