From the Quarterly

Winter Dreaming


To write fan-fiction is to re-write, to bend time, to insert oneself into a queer narrative that is both already-impossible and newly-possible through the projection of desire onto fictional proxies.

Native Tongue Trilogy – Suzette Haden Elgin


A forgotten classic of feminist dystopian fiction, the NATIVE TONGUE trilogy is a brilliant illustration of how writers might use genre to grapple with the problems of patriarchy.

Zones of Darkness


Our thoughts about the mind or our minds themselves? Popular science at the edge of meaning.

The Full Stop Reviews Supplement #6


This issue of the Full Stop Reviews Supplement is about exploring some of the infrastructures of reading.

Full Stop Quarterly: Genre Expectations


This issue of the Full Stop Quarterly is about genre, its limits, and the liberatory potential we discover at the edges of generic forms.

Full Stop Reviews Supplement: Nazi Literature on the Internet


Small Press Publishing & the Normalization of Fascism

Images from Graduate Student Union Campaigns (Part 1)


What’s a movement without a few buttons and bullhorns?

Zach Schwartz-Weinstein


You really need to think strategically about how universities work, how they are trying to invest their capital, and then go after them on those grounds, and use our positionality as contingent academics to our advantage.

Organizing Undergraduates: Expanding the Academic Union


Incorporating undergraduates into graduate unions, which are already mobilizing student workers on campus, is one potential method for organizing this growing labor force.

#UsToo: How Unions Could Fight Harassment in STEM


Calls for more data and institutional leadership can only do so much: we must also change who holds power in our universities and who is subject to that power.