From the Quarterly

Don’t Forget Your Sunscreen

The general proximity of Alex Israel’s SPF-18

The Bridge, The Pyramid and The Spire

Parable as architecture; construction as crime

Chelsey Johnson

Instead of writing about a heyday of a culture or a scene or a place, I wanted to land in the aftermath. I wanted to see what was going on those doldrums.

Democracy, Nature, Manifest Destiny

What makes Crane’s modernist epic so instructive for the twenty-first century is how it discovers ample room in nature for humanity’s freedom struggle.

Notes from Year One

A dialectical reflection on graduate education, and God

Tanya Marquardt

I knew that I was going to talk about abuse, I wanted to leave it on the page, action by action, without much reflection.

Full Stop Quarterly: Fractures

Beware what hasn’t already been fractured.

The Tenderness Junction

There is a direct link between listening and life, perceivable in its absence. What we cannot say and what we cannot hear matter.

Utopia Can Be Banal: The Unfinished Ballad of Kenny Dennis

It’s too easy to write Kenny Dennis off as just a joke. While there are aspects of Kenny that seem wholly ridiculous, Cohn makes his story expansive and dark, and he settles on an exuberance that overcomes Kenny’s struggle.

Confounding Reading: Notes from a Conversation

I like the fact that you can see error moments that have been used to do something and, also, that there are other latent, inelegant bits that could be resolved differently. I like having both—utilised errors and potentially resolvable parts that nonetheless remain uncoopted.