From the Quarterly

Good, Bad, and the Complete Opposite: Cynicism in Golden Age Mexican Cinema


Cantinflas is the inheritor of millennia of cynicism, a philosophy “pioneered” by the barrel-living, work-scoffing Diogenes.

Art as Savior: Against Nature


I wanted salvation without the fall; I wanted art to save me from life.

Maria Messina’s Feminine Flaw


Messina’s writing is bleak and tender and honest and is not trying to persuade me of anything, least of all that things will work out.

Daria Morgendorffer, Jodie Landon, and the Privilege of Cynicism


Why is cynicism so seemingly tied to whiteness?

Scott Samuelson


If all we do is oppose suffering, we’ve missed out on something important. . . . We lose something of our humanity.

Householders – Kate Cayley


What happens to idealism across time, across a lifetime, across generations? And how do we—or should we—respond to a failed utopia?

Mother Tongues


The Dissenters is not a novel of exile: It is an Egyptian novel in English.

Where in the World is Michel Foucault? On Remigiusz Ryziński’s Foucault in Warsaw


Perhaps Foucauldian controversies are a new annual tradition.

Full Stop Quarterly: Fall 2022


What does it mean to join a fight one no longer believes one can win? In our latest issue, writers confront the malaise and suspicion of cynicism.

A Madonna Vandalized


Freely/Dawe represent what they have produced as a translation when, by any fair definition of the word, it isn’t. To make matters worse—much worse—they misread the Turkish again and again.