The Great American Proctologist

With Roth in retirement, who will diagnose America’s ills?

The Laws of Attraction

We can look past Jude Law’s features and see only the face of the character — old, emotionally stunted, and quite unattractive.

Night Presence IV, Not Present

“When we opened the sculpture up there was just air,” Kuhn said. “The entire central section was a pile of iron dust that had long since washed away.”

Reimagining America’s Ugliest Spaces

In the otherwise bleak landscape of our criminal justice system, these empty prisons could be an atypical source of hope and reclamation.

By Nature Infatuated

Sometimes science needs a nut to shift the paradigm.

Joe Wright’s Impeccably Risky Staging of Anna Karenina

As an audience, we simultaneously see a couple completely absorbed in each other’s being, a whirling crowd casting judgment, and a young woman’s heart breaking. We see a coming together, then a ripping apart.

Presidential Reading

In this golden age of American polarization, it is no surprise that even one’s reading is subject to the scourge of partisan bickering.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s Greatest Con

He hid in dark alleyways and revealed his ass to women walking by. “What they saw was not the obscene thing, I never even thought of that, it was the ridiculous thing,” he wrote.

I Dreamed a Dream, Goddamnit

And so, for at least a few weeks this Christmas season, I refuse to apologize for my lack of cultural discernment. I will read shitty books, watch shitty movies, and refuse to apologize for my non-shitty love of musical theatre.

Five Characters in Search of a Christmas Episode

This “Christmas” episode falls comfortably under the Twilight Zone sub-category of imagined-personal-hell-that-turns-out-to-be-a-weirder-reality.