Down the Rabbit Hole

No matter the tangled path I take to get there, the end result is always the same: a few hours later, I’m sitting in front of my laptop with three tabs open on serial killers, violent paraphilias, or fast-moving infectious diseases.

An Uprising of Coffee Beans and Take Out Boxes

In TV commercials vast and angry crowds march to demand that same great taste, but now with no calories. Retailers don’t just exhort us to buy their stuff, they want us to join their movement and read their manifesto.

“iyt makes me dull to wriyte”: Raymond Pettibon in New York City

Some of Pettibon’s work could be torn from a suspectedly sociopathic child’s secret notebook.

Notes Towards a Study of Anthropomorphism

From the alliance of Foghorn Leghorn and KFC to the pig mascot of the BBQ restaurant chain Famous Dave’s, chirpy animals consistently seem intent on selling dead parts of their brothers and sisters with a smile.

An Interview with Arp

There’s a Virginia Woolf quote that’s really stuck with me this year—something like “Never to be yourself and yet always.” That’s part of the goal and that’s something I’ve thought about a lot—I want to be surprised by what I do so that it’s interesting to me. I want to not recognize what I’ve done.

Tale of a Tattoo

It’s a notion that resonated deeply inside me; that we are moving through life oblivious to so many tiny yet essential details. It was such a persistent, haunting and panic-inducing thought, I was sure the resulting urge to pay attention would remain near the surface, as if tattooed on my psyche.

Why Are Malls Home To So Much Violence?

The mall is becoming a stage on which the inevitable outcomes of public problems play themselves out.

Empathetic Satire, Perpetual Crisis, and “The Very Persistent Gappers of Frip”

For George Saunders, crisis is often a foregone conclusion, a reality of everyday life. Social mores and idealistic principles prove flimsy, as disaster and defeat become the glue that increasingly holds people together.

The Government Shutdown, Troubled

If the shutdown has accomplished anything, it has been to underscore the government’s ability to arbitrarily prioritize functions.

We Never Think Alone

The over-presence of other people’s personal thoughts creates such a confounding compendium of other imagined subjectivities that thinking becomes exhausting. If only we could think alone.