Proust was a neuroscientist. Jane Austen was a game theorist. Find out which science is the catalyst for your literary spirit.


The mind is like . . .

A computer
A galaxy
An ant colony
A forest

Love is like . . .

A virus
The tech bubble
A solar flare
The electromagnetic force

Sex is like . . .

An exothermic reaction
Plug and play
A joint venture
F = ma

Marriage is like . . .

A covalent bond
A binary star system
A merger
An ordered pair

Life is like . . .

A box of Schrödinger’s cats
A chain reaction
The stock market
A stochastic process

Death is like . . .

An event horizon
404 Not Found
Absolute zero

You Are: A Pseudoscientist!

Armed with reductionism and narrow readings, you apply science to the humanities in a way that does a disservice to both. Congratulations on the book deal!

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