by Gabino Iglesias

Paper Champion – Shane Jones

A big octopus shows up and helps them, but the volcano is undeterred and continues moving forward.

A Distant Father – Antonio Skármeta

Brevity is not a shortcoming here and in no way keeps the narrative from being a fulfilling read.

The Last Projector – David James Keaton

Everything from car accidents and vicious dog attacks to a broken penis and punches to the face are hurled at the reader without any time for rest.

Fourteen Stories, None of Them Are Yours – Luke B. Goebel

Short sentences are followed by half-page, single-sentence paragraphs that read like David Foster Wallace channeling Hunter S. Thompson.

The Fun We’ve Had – Michael J. Seidlinger

A mix of philosophy, gallows humor, love, and poetry that adds up to beautiful storytelling completely devoid of gimmicks and clichés.