by Emily Anderson

José Felipe Alvergue

“Being attentive to the dynamics of place has always been really beneficial for me just in terms of being a person, and not being locked into a way of thought that is not productive, for citizenship.”

Lauren Levin

“I wanted to write a book that, as Anne Boyer says, ‘isn’t against us.'”

Oil and Candle – Gabriel Ojeda-Sague

Gabriel Ojeda-Sague describes and deploys ritual forms in order to undo the obscuring magic of privilege.

Amanda Montei

There’s a lot of our voices moving in and out of one another, a lot of the desperation and resentment and defensiveness of teenage girlhood, a lot of that young anger at the mother for being a woman in a world that hates women (the horror!)

Laurapalooza: Unbonneted with Nancy McCabe

I’m afraid Laura might be horrified that people are wearing sunbonnets, since she hated hers so much, and she might be somewhat bemused at our celebration of pioneer life accompanied by power point presentations and tweets.

Red Doc> – Anne Carson

I would like to suggest that Anne Carson’s Red Doc> is a clock, a clock that takes the measure of its readers and their world by entrancing them with anachronism and myth.

A Breath of Life – Clarice Lispector

Reading A Breath of Life, we feel Time (or God, or Lispector herself) passing.