by Catie Disabato

Chelsey Johnson

Instead of writing about a heyday of a culture or a scene or a place, I wanted to land in the aftermath. I wanted to see what was going on those doldrums.

The Great American Pop Star Novel

Let’s explore the new canon of pop star novels.

Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl – Carrie Brownstein

Brownstein doesn’t need to vomit to show us what’s inside her. She has the supernatural capability to unstitch her skin and show us her insides without bile or blood.

Stuff I’ve Read in the Last Month (Or So): Fantasy and Realism

In order to deal with the terrible dullness of being alive, man invented fantasy novels.

Stuff I Read In The Last Year or So

Life is all your clothes in piles all over the floor, and sometimes the pieces of clothing get up and move to a different pile at night when you’re asleep.

Stuff I’ve Read in the Last Month or so: Truth in Fiction

The Carnival at Bray by Jessie Ann Foley is the first novel I’ve ever read that understands the full significance of the eye roll — something I previously thought was only understood by television shows.

Stuff I’ve Read in the Last Month (Or So): The Body

A tip for any teens who might be reading this: find an artist your own age to grow up with.

Things I Read in the Last Month (or So): am i being revolutionary yet

I have a very anxiety-ridden, racing mind and so I covet the occasional book that has a narcotic effect.

What I Read Last Month (or So): Sad and True

After pages of solitary struggle, all of a sudden, I’m not alone. I was shocked by the euphoria the first personal plural brought out of me.

Kate Durbin

I actually think this is a highly existential book. For example, I think the ending of the Kardashians section is completely a meditation on death.