To celebrate the publication of My Struggle: Book Four, here are 50 of the best moments, so far, from Karl Ove Knausgaard’s autobiographical epic.

  1. Karl Ove stubs his toe on a chair.
  2. Karl Ove cleans glitter off his face.
  3. Karl Ove waddles to the closet to get a new roll of toilet paper.
  4. Karl Ove accidentally buys a soft-bristled toothbrush.
  5. Karl Ove sits at a broken traffic light for at least 10 minutes.
  6. Karl Ove thinks he may have missed his stop, but he hasn’t.
  7. Karl Ove realizes why the movie is called The Santa Clause instead of The Santa Claus.
  8. Karl Ove dances like somebody is watching.
  9. Karl Ove buys a shirt that he knows he will never wear.
  10. Karl Ove battles a stiffy during World History.
  11. Karl Ove recounts the entire plot of a movie to provide context for a joke from it.
  12. Karl Ove thinks his fortune cookie fortune is kind of appropriate.
  13. Karl Ove stubs his toe again, on the same chair.
  14. Karl Ove figures out it’s actually cheaper to buy two of the smaller candy bars.
  15. Karl Ove has a dream within a dream but can only remember the outer dream.
  16. Karl Ove worries someone saw him checking to make sure his fly was still up.
  17. Karl Ove can’t remember the last time he had lemonade.
  18. Karl Ove thought there was another step.
  19. Karl Ove doesn’t know how he burned his tongue, but it’s definitely burned.
  20. Karl Ove spills a bag of marbles in the gymnasium.
  21. Karl Ove remembers that idea he had, but it doesn’t seem as good anymore.
  22. Karl Ove worries that his cigarette butt may have blown back through the window and into the backseat.
  23. Karl Ove stubs that same fucking toe on that same fucking chair.
  24. Karl Ove decides to round up after measuring his todger with an American ruler.
  25. Karl Ove keeps getting shocked by things in his house.
  26. Karl Ove has to eat an entire loaf of bread before it expires the next day.
  27. Karl Ove learns what the little windows on the back of the bacon package are for.
  28. Karl Ove thinks he might have a thyroid thing.
  29. Karl Ove can’t remember an acquaintance’s name, so he keeps calling her “man.”
  30. Karl Ove has just enough corn flakes left to fill the bowl.
  31. Karl Ove has one toenail that just doesn’t grow.
  32. Karl Ove mentions a recent study during an argument.
  33. Karl Ove scrolls to the bottom of a Terms of Service agreement, even though he’s not reading it.
  34. Karl Ove takes a step back to smell his fart.
  35. Karl Ove doesn’t really care for Tom Waits anymore.
  36. Karl Ove, after realizing he has left his wallet at home, pretends to get a text before turning to walk back.
  37. Karl Ove picks at it and makes it worse.
  38. Karl Ove accidentally winks at someone when a raindrop hits his eye.
  39. Karl Ove gets stuck behind a group of people taking up the whole sidewalk.
  40. Karl Ove rearranges his furniture, really opening up the space.
  41. Karl Ove stubs the same toe but on the other foot.
  42. Karl Ove worries he’s overusing the word treacherous when describing his winter commute.
  43. Karl Ove wonders if the towel would block more smoke at the top of the door.
  44. Karl Ove realizes the thing he’s looking for is in his hand.
  45. Karl Ove listens for the toilet to stop.
  46. Karl Ove, eight beers in, tries to sing along to “Scatman.”
  47. Karl Ove misses the time while setting his clock and has to go all the way around again.
  48. Karl Ove cusses at a self-checkout machine.
  49. Karl Ove needs another minute with the menu.
  50. Karl Ove suddenly remembers the last time he had lemonade.

Eric Jett is a writer, designer, and teacher from Charleston, WV. He is a founding editor of Full Stop.

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