Here at Reading A Book By Its Cover, we’re twisting our pearls and tapping our Louboutins in breathless anticipation of the English translation of Haruki Murakami‘s latest, 1Q84. Since you’re probably also rereading Murakami’s ouvre to prepare for the release of this door stop (and since Murakami’s attention to the sartorial is the best in the West, bar none) we created these guides to help you dress the part:

“She wore a white long sleeved shirt under a yellow woolen vest with a fish knitted into the design, a narrow gold necklace, and a Disney watch.”Norwegian Wood

Norwegian Wood

“The girl’s clothes were, verifiably, all pink. An orchestration of pink in every gradation from light rose to deep fuchsia.”Hard Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World

Hard Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World

“She dressed far more simply than she made herself up. Practical and businesslike, her outfit had nothing idiosyncratic about it: a white blouse, a green tight skirt, and no accessories to speak of.”The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle

Wind up Bird Chronicle

Thanks to Kelly Schmader for her fashion sense and attention to detail. Only 42 days to go!


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