Full Stop Quarterly

For over five years, Full Stop has been producing unique literary criticism that focuses on the overlooked, the strange, and the as-yet unrealized. The Full Stop Quarterly is our newest project, a beautifully designed digital publication that features original essays, interviews, and art. Some pieces featured in previous issues can be found here.

About our latest issue:

Cover art by Marina Manoukian

We are introducing an issue of the Full Stop Quarterly about genre, its limits, and the liberatory potential we discover at the edges of generic forms—a potential determined by the structures of those forms, yet also capable of transforming them. Our new awareness of just how delicately held together our daily lives have always been appears to open up the necessity for new generic relations with reality. As we stare into the terrifying blankness of the future, the essays gathered here can help us reconsider the ways that meaning is made.

You can read the introduction to this issue here.

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