Full Stop Quarterly: Winter 2020

Full Stop Quarterly Winter 2020

Issue Editors: Emily Alex, Darren Huang, Jesse Miller, Michael Schapira, Helen Stuhr-Rommereim
Issue Design: Eric Jett
Issue Art: Ray Hwang

From the Issue

Talking in the Void


As we look to philosophers, our sense of failure only grows in intensity.

William Gaddis’s Failure


The Gaddis I like best to think of is a God-haunted aristocrat. Thrown pearl-clutching into a fallen world, he gathers himself and understands it as his task to recognize what instances of the eternal still obtain, among things melted into air.

An Arc of Light Across the Cold War Sky


What began in 1947 as a largely hopeful movement defined by wonder, openness, and concern for mankind, plunged into the paranoia-fueled mire that skeptics had always assumed the UFO movement to be.

Paranoia as Resistance in Gloria Naylor’s 1996


Fake news, mass surveillance, and global pandemic aren’t mere tropes to explore the life of the mind. They are our everyday lives.