by Tyrone Williams

Carmelina: Figures & Virgil Kills: Stories – Ronaldo V. Wilson


Neither doubles nor doppelgangers of one another, Wilson and Carmelina, son and mother, make us rethink the question of lineage in new and unpredictable ways.

Three Ugly Duckling Presse Chapbooks


Alejandro Albarrán Polanco and Agustín Guambo display a radical political sensibility refracted through shards of shattered subjectivities, while Enriqueta Lunez’s fierce feminist lyricism offers an unsentimental portrayal of generational conflict among indigenous women.

F Letter: New Russian Feminist Poetry – ed. Galina Rymbu, Eugene Ostashevsky, and Ainsley Morse


Collectively, the poets in F LETTER would doubtlessly endorse Rymbu’s all too familiar battle cry: “To make revolution with the vagina. / To make freedom with oneself.”