by Nika Knight

Flood Friday


New York didn’t have a flood Friday. Or even much of a flood Saturday and Sunday.

My Hovercraft is Full of Eels


If we’re past the point of no return, then let’s go down in style.

Deleted Scenes: Alina Simone


He wants to make Catwoman 8 — that’s his dream. He’s like, “Argh, if only I could make Catwoman 8.

The New York Times Has Opinions About Divorce


The New York Times is into divorce right now, guys.

Mac McClelland and the brouhaha


…critics have responded to the piece on the one hand by lambasting McClelland for being (as McClelland puts it) an “insane racist narcissist” for her portrayal of Haiti in the essay. One the other hand, they’ve also suggested that McClelland’s stated desire for violent sex will convince rapists that women want to be raped.

Cy Twombly: 1928 – 2011


I am Thyrsis of Etna/blessed with a tuneful voice

Hot or Not: Writers in Their Bathing Suits


Hunter S. Thompson was a babe. Virginia Woolf was rather modest. Ernest Hemingway and Tennessee Williams had probably seen better days.

Are you in Boston? Right now? And also tonight?


I’m hoping Simone reads from her essay featuring the Skoptsy, a religious sect in 19th-century Russia, whose most defining belief was the necessity of castration.

Antarctica: Why go to Antarctica?


In my day-to-day life I have few thoughts about Antarctica.

Aryn Kyle


Who knows why some characters stick around while others just pass through? The same question could be asked about most relationships, I guess. The only real difference is that, for writers, some relationships exist in the real world, and others exist in your head.