by Annie Strother

Daisey Chain


Was it wrong to present “The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs” as creative nonfiction? Is it a “true” story, as Daisey claims? These are hard questions in an age where our definitions of journalism and the journalist are being re-drawn.

The Vanishers – Heidi Julavits


Is it really possible that a gifted psychic wouldn’t pick up on some of this stuff?

Leigh Stein


With our generation, there isn’t any shame. We’ll say anything. We’ll say what we make an hour, or we’ll say what our rent is; we’ll just share it.

Stories for Nighttime and Some for the Day – Ben Loory


In the first story of Ben Loory’s debut collection, a woman buys a book, takes it home, and is dismayed to learn that it is filled with empty pages. When she comes across a man reading the same book on the metro, her indignation grows. After she protests that he can’t possibly read a blank book, he defends himself: “You can pretend, he says. There’s no law against pretending.”