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For over five years, Full Stop has been producing unique literary criticism that focuses on the overlooked, the strange, and the as-yet unrealized. The Full Stop Quarterly is our newest project, a beautifully designed digital publication that features original essays, interviews, and art. Some pieces featured in previous issues can be found here.

Luke McCreadie

Luke McCreadie

The latest issue of the Full Stop Quarterly is concerned with the processes and systems that make up and facilitate writing and reading, and in particular with poetry, the perpetual avant-garde. Pieces include:

  • TED REES on Oakland, poetry, and radical empathy.
  • ZHOU HAU LIEW & ZHOU SIVAN on translating Mahua poetry in Malaysia.
  • NHÃ THUYÊN on dissidence and form in Vietnamese poetry.
  • MARIANA ORANTES on poetry in Mexico City.
  • TAMMY LAI-MING HO on the potential of English-language poetry in Hong Kong.
  • ZALI GUREVITCH and ARIEL RESNIKOFFon contemporary Hebrew poetics.
  • Poet JESÚS CARMONA-ROBLES talks with JOHN FARLEY about death and family in modern Mexico.
  • MATTHEW JAKUBOWSKI on Recitation by Bae Suah.
  • JEFF ALESSANDRELLI on the affinities between New York’s most mercurial lyricists, Frank O’Hara and Notorious B.I.G.
  • DOUG PAUL CASE on reading Alex Dmitrov & Tommy Pico.
  • SILVIA MOLLICCHI on the doubled reality of Marianne Moore’s “Sea Unicorns and Land Unicorns.”

Read the intro to the issue here.

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