Full Stop Quarterly

For over five years, Full Stop has been producing unique literary criticism that focuses on the overlooked, the strange, and the as-yet unrealized. The Full Stop Quarterly is our newest project, a beautifully designed digital publication that features original essays, interviews, and art. Some pieces featured in previous issues can be found here.

About our latest issue:

Cover art by Daniel Genoves-Sylvan

Like the weed growing through the crack in a ruined structure, there wouldn’t be growth without the initial destruction. Think of these interviews, essays, and artworks as growing on something broken, and not something that presents as a whole. Beware something that hasn’t already been fractured.

Featuring essays by:

  • Cory Austin Knudson
  • Kelly M. S. Swope
  • Elizabeth Kiem
  • Melissa Hutton
  • Manuel Betancourt
  • Alana Mohamed
  • Koby Omansky


  • Chelsey Johnson with Catie Disabato
  • Tanya Marquardt with Sara Rauch
  • Sara Batkie with Seth Fried

Plus art by Daniel Genoves-Sylvan.

You can read the introduction to this issue here.

Download a copy for $5, or subscribe for $15/year. Full Stop is a 501(c)(3) organization run by a volunteer editorial collective, and all sales help us continue our work with young writers and artists.

For more information, contact us at [email protected].