Thinking the Present

Reading From Behind – Jonathan A. Allan

Women, in READING FROM BEHIND, exist as oft-quoted scholars, but never as the sexual, multi-orificed and full-bodied humans that men are allowed to be.

Drone and Apocalypse – Joanna Demers

[DRONE & APOCALYPSE] is in part a delineation of a secular, nihilistic faith, a faith that can rely only on worldly beauty for its unifying force.

The Art of the Publisher – Roberto Calasso

The publisher is not dying, it is adapting in order to survive.

This Divided Island – Samanth Subramanian

Divided Island, then, is a post-war book, which tries to saturate its pages with the atmosphere of war.

Cosmic Pessimism – Eugene Thacker

Thacker’s text isn’t a monument; it isn’t even a book.

Between the World and Me – Ta-Nehisi Coates

Ta-Nehisi Coates does not write to blunt edges. He writes so that it might be possible to slice away the protective illusions that obscure the brutal reality of blackness in America.

Ethics – Walead Beshty

By taking issue with the conventions in the discourse around art, beyond aesthetics, the selected contributors deeply interrogate objects, labor conditions, and the transparency within ethics.

The Secret World of Oil – Ken Silverstein

In this era, some people go to war over religion. For other folks, oil will do.

The Future – Marc Augé / Heroes – Franco ‘Bifo’ Berardi

Neither Augé nor Bifo wants the future to be a dodge, and nor should we.

The Utopia of Rules – David Graeber

This book of essays stands out less for the questions it asks, than for the assumptions that it refuses to question.