Teaching in the Margins

Teaching in the Margins: Eric Ellingsen

How can we design walking in the city as an education experiment so that we understand that the way we walk down the street reinforces or renegotiates the political and economic speeds investments feelings and systems in public space?

Teaching in the Margins: Matthew Goulish

Creativity thrives within limits, within the challenges that constraints pose, and the classroom offers a wealth of constraints.

Teaching in the Margins: Juliana Spahr

There is no shortage of academic labor. We don’t need to consolidate it.

Teaching in the Margins: Seth Abramson

The time of the workshop is over.

Teaching in the Margins: Jane Sprague

Maybe if I’m teaching anything it’s: look.

Teaching in the Margins: Gregory L. Ulmer

Detectives are inspectors; educators may be circumspectors.

Teaching in the Margins: Vanessa Place

Lesser art teaches that trees are preferable to poems, Napoleons more magnificent than pastries. Good art is never didactic about anything but art.

Teaching in the Margins: Michael Joyce

I think that at its base creativity involves undoing systems.

Introducing Teaching in the Margins

At a cultural and historical moment when funding for arts nonprofits is increasingly being cut and university presidents are dethroned for not moving fast enough, the question is no longer should the way artists and educators operate change, but how?