by Macon Holt

The Resilience of/to Sleaford Mods

Rihanna is neither the un-investible noise of resistance nor the efficient investment of resilience, but rather the inefficiency of melancholy.

Political Pop Music

We have to go through an extraordinarily complex entanglement of experiences, norms, and systems of power and control to even scratch the surface of the political in popular music.

They Gave Me a Useless Education

When you hold up the noteworthy to save a program, you’ll always be at least one example short. For Jay Z’s story to be remarkable, the poverty he came from must still exist.

On “Bored in the USA” on Letterman on YouTube

Father John Misty’s Letterman performance opens up a space where irony and sincerity can co-exist.

Stupid Loud Pop Music  

Pop music is instead the soup we swim in, the fabric of your genes brushing on your knees.

A Holiday Gift: Field of Reeds

I am describing something I have sincerely come to love and I do this to challenge my own impulse towards cynicism. Not to banish cynicism, it is really important, but to make it not what I do every day.

On the Hatred of Music

Music has come to involve those who consume its present, often commercial, form in a vast and intricate web of technology, ideology, exploitation, artistry, and much more.

Rhizomes, Torrenting, and Thom Yorke

Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes must be considered in a way that understands the nature of the mode of communication through which it is accessed as a part of the artistic intent.

How Gene Simmons Helped Kill Rock

Simmons sees the crisis of cultural production as a problem caused by middle class people not sufficiently understanding how capitalism is supposed to work.

Feeling Fine at History’s End

Where Joel tips over into mawkishness, R.E.M. give a more complex version of the experience of living towards the end of the cold war, i.e. the end of history.