by John Farley

Noah Cicero

If you want to surpass your childhood you have to pick up Aristotle or Hui Neng and imagine being on a long walk with the speaker, with the attitude of “I will listen.”

Jesús Carmona-Robles

“I do not believe in the poet as a prophet. I do not believe in the poet as a revelator of absolute truths. I do not believe in the poet as a warrior. I think the poet is a sort of journalist of himself who uses language to flirt with beauty.”

Rebellion in Patagonia – Osvaldo Bayer

Rebellion in Patagonia revealed a tragedy of the highest order, no doubt. But it’s in the story of the book and what happened to its author that we find the farce.

What You Are for Halloween in the Underground City

Below downtown Montreal, there are more than 20 miles of underground passages. Spaces in which history is not transfigured, but dimmed.

Like Cattle Towards Glow

Even to death and in their assholes.

Barbarians at The Met

Museums are willing to concede the vulgar desecration of our most sacred objects to suit the fickle whims of the lowest cultural common denominator, the tourist.

Fluff Piece: the meandering truth about cats and writers

Colette, Twain, Plath, Sagan, Chandler, Shaw, Bradbury: all cat lovers and writers on the subject of cats. Suffice it to say that writers, second only to spinsters in the throes of dementia, are unequivocally cat people. What, if anything, can be gleaned from this critically neglected relationship?