by Emily Alex

G. Samantha Rosenthal


We can look at a rainbow crosswalk, maybe take a selfie with it, and feel recognized or represented in some way, but it doesn’t actually create a space for queer or trans belonging in any real sense.

Householders – Kate Cayley


What happens to idealism across time, across a lifetime, across generations? And how do we—or should we—respond to a failed utopia?

Spain – Caren Beilin


Rather than some romantic communion of artist, art, and place, this memoir is a record of all the noise that overwhelms the blank-page silence, in which we find artist, art, and place at odds.

Trash Mountain – Bradley Bazzle


Having an enemy — that is, something towards which to direct his anger — is, in this way, Ben’s saving grace.

Rubik – Elizabeth Tan


RUBIK is not the first to say that it is not the first to say what it is not the first to say; and yet, it nonetheless makes new.

The Veneration of Monsters – Suzanne Burns


In THE VENERATION OF MONSTERS, the monsters emerge from the least-likely candidates: the cat lady, the suburban housewife, the librarian, the vacationing married couple. In other words, this is Burns exploring a more everyday strange.