Cover by Goda Trakumaite

We weren’t kidding around. Full Stop is all about that quarterly game, and our newest installment is an action-packed, emotionally-satisfying thrill ride that will keep you glued to your chosen digital device for hours (or days!).

Issue #2 features:

  • Interviews with novelists Nell Zink and Ottessa Moshfegh
  • Josephine Livingstone on Eileen Myles, tough dykes, and contemporary femme-mania
  • Freddie deBoer on Google’s Deep Dream and irresponsible tech journalism
  • Frank Guan on the many cultural binaries in Leon Neyfakh’s The Next Next Level
  • Amina Cain on change, companionship, and the part of the self that browses the internet
  • An interview with Sean Stewart, whose Babylon Falling project is the best repository of the counterculture going — from the Yippies to the Black Panthers to Too $hort (bonus art curated by Stewart himself!)
  • Macon Holt on Sleaford Mods, Rihanna, and resilience discourse in music
  • Reviews by Miranda PopkeySarah Neilson, and Magus Magnus
  • Original art by Hannah Klein and Goda Trakumaite 
  • And much more! (But not too much more.)

Individual issues of the quarterly cost $5 and are available in PDF and ePub formats. Subscribers will receive four issues for $15. Full Stop is run by a volunteer editorial collective, and money will go toward helping us pay more writers and artists.

You can purchase Issue #2 or subscribe (or purchase the first issue if you missed it) through our Gumroad shop here:

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