While antisemitism is a topic heavily dealt with by antifascists, antiracists, and the radical left, the loudest voices on antisemitism today are often from the center and the right. It’s books like Bari Weiss’ How to Fight Antisemitism or Deborah Lipstadt’s Antisemitism: Here and Now that are our best known resources on antisemitism, which often locate antisemitism on both the “far-right and far-left.” No one should deny that the left has an antisemitism problem (the whole world does), but that should not mean that the idea of radical egalitarian social change should become suspect. This has created a lack of congruence in how to consider antisemitism, and there needs to be more voices that determinedly from the left and refuse to make apologies for that fact. Instead, we should see the leftist critique of antisemitism as a foundational antiracist project that we need to continue building.

This is why I put together a reading list of essays and articles (and a couple videos) on antisemitism from a decidedly left-wing perspective. Some of these build on the Frankfurt School work on antisemitism, some of them talk about antisemitism inside of socialist movements written by actual socialists, some of them talk about how the far-right uses antisemitism to fuel their ideologies, and some of them discuss the confusing creeping nature of antisemitism into contemporary social movements. There are a lot of ideas represented here, some I agree with and some I don’t, but they make up a range of how the left can think about the problem of Jewphobia. 

This list is only a starting point, and we should work to build not only a canon of writing, but a real platform for how to think and eradicate antisemitism. If we don’t, it will be up to the center to stake its claim and to reinforce a liberal consensus rather than looking at the root causes of antisemitism and all oppression.

Essential Reading

Contemporary Discussion

Far Right Antisemitism (All sections address this as well)

Frankfurt School Critical Studies on Antisemitism (Also see “Essential Reading” section)

Intersectionality and Antisemitism

Radical Politics Confronting Antisemitism

Conspiracy Theory (See all the other sections as well)

Antisemitism on the Left (Also see “That’s Funny” book, “Looking Left” and Frankfurt School Section)

Organizing Against Antisemitism

Older Works


Full Books to read:

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