by Zachary Howe

Love Is Not All You Need

Love has been and will be an integral part of any civil rights movement, but we must remember that it alone is not enough, that we cannot stop here.

How Oprah, TED, and 7UP Are Ruining the World

To the extent that anything can really ruin the world, liberalism is ruining the world.

The Rhetoric of Marriage Rights

Change is a process and we are still at a fairly early stage of gender and sexuality reform. But we should be redefining “normal,” not bending to it.

An Apology for Facebook

Sherry Turkle is right: people used to be able to tell the truth without resorting to technology — they used alcohol.

Is Culture Finally Dead Yet?

The problem with the barrage of articles about the death of common decency or the increasing rate of single motherhood is that it makes society a zero-sum game.

CanonBall [Winners Announced!]

Welcome to CanonBall. It’s like the Superbowl, except 100% different.

“Call Me Maybe,” Maybe

A music video with a gay dude who you don’t immediately know is gay! I cannot figure out the song “Call Me Maybe.”

Grindr, Reviewed

For everyone whose pick-up line is invasive (“naked pics,” “Hi! Interested in getting sucked off and making some cash,” “We’re close, wanna fuck?”), there are many polite and lovely people: “Hello. How are you?” or “What a nice smile!”