by Tim Platt

Techniques in Voice

It would be dangerous to employ voice in your writing before learning the appropriate techniques.

Paying For It – Chester Brown

It’s telling that the gut reactions of my friends who formulate an opinion on the work after only seeing the title and a few pages match up (sometimes verbatim) with Brown’s depiction of his friends, who have been privy to his lifestyle for years.

Bloom County: The Complete Library

The amount of space allotted for Sunday strips has been slowly shrinking for decades. Thank goodness there was still enough space in 1983 for Berkley Breathed to spend seven Sunday strips commemorating a cat’s death by acne.

Abstract Comics – ed. Andrei Molotiu

“Abstraction of form is a given in comics. Clouds are thoughts, sticks are people, and capes are cool.”

Strange Science Fantasy – Scott Morse, Paul Pope

“It stands on the shoulders of a comic book past often talked about but rarely incorporated into modern graphic storytelling.”