by Mollie Elizabeth Pyne

The Spirit of Discovery

I wonder if, by revisiting places of queer erasure, both of the city and my own, and by using movement as a method for storytelling, I could re-map and re-narrate my queer disorientation within Plymouth.

The Summer Demands – Deborah Shapiro

The book is “a celebration of cusps.” Those of adulthood; of motherhood; of desire and ambition; of memory and history, and those that that decipher generations.

Juliet the Maniac – Juliet Escoria

JULIET THE MANIAC displaces survival from its preferred position of totality i.e. restitution, and reframes recovery as a messy and unpredictable process of fragmentary retrieval.

Great Expectations – Kathy Acker

This contemporary return to Acker may be similar to how Acker herself returned to those who lived and wrote before her: as something unfinished.

Crimson – Niviaq Korneliussen

CRIMSON is a piece of literature that aims to make sense of queer experience by constructing a literary world adequate to house its complexities.