by Jason Bell

Multiple Murders

Mass murder is as pure Americana as hamburgers, chicken salad sandwiches, and apple pie.

Saint Pop: Martyrdom and the Cult of Celebrity

A new development in the cult of celebrity celebrates an artist’s work on the basis of personal tragedy, not the work itself.

Consider the Octopus

My desire to become an unlikely statistic drove me to torture a living animal. Or at least to experience its death in the most intimate way possible: inside my mouth.

How to Achieve a Quality Relationship with Your Waffle-maker

There are as many routes as there are individual souls. There are as many ways to make a waffle as there are waffle-makers.

The 10 Best-Worst Things I Ate in 2014

Instead of reviewing the best, which risks a sappy food-gazing given voice, it might be more revealing to ask: what were the worst things I ate this year?

Some Ideas on Intimacy (Part II)

Watching stand-up live after spending hours enjoying it on tape is about the same as having sex after watching a lot of porn.

Some Ideas on Intimacy (Part 1)

By making it seem as though these lines are serious poetry, Bishop deflects attention from their improvisatory but crafted humor, their vulnerability, and their intimacy.

Uncomfortable Enthusiasm

One cannot have an uncomfortable enthusiasm for luxury goods. One cannot have an uncomfortable enthusiasm for Bach or caviar.

The Underground Hedonist

The unique pleasure of reading erotica in public, and especially on the subway, is its low-grade naughtiness.

Cubist Chop Suey

Because the Chinese restaurant is a fantastic site produced by simulation, it is a safe space for experiment.