Books in Translation

Angel Station – Jáchym Topol

ANGEL STATION is a seething novel of accumulation, fast, strange, and destructive.

The Sacred Era – Yoshio Aramaki

Formerly preoccupied with imagining the future, science fiction is more inclined toward future anteriority.

In Search of New Babylon – Dominique Scali

This genealogy of American violence suggests the West as an extension of a mechanism long set in motion, always going to break in the singular, inevitable way it could have.

Bodies of Summer – Martin Felipe Castagnet

At its best Castagnet’s debut work artfully skirts overt philosophizing about mind-body relations and necropolitics, keeping this slim speculative novel at an athletic pace and leaving ample room for us to explore its marvelous world for ourselves.

Rebellion in Patagonia – Osvaldo Bayer

Rebellion in Patagonia revealed a tragedy of the highest order, no doubt. But it’s in the story of the book and what happened to its author that we find the farce.

History of a Disappearance – Filip Springer

Springer’s history is simply a “beast,” sometimes slumbering, but more often fiercely awake.

Inheritance from Mother – Minae Mizumura

The novel’s power, in large part due to its sequencing of events, lies in the sense that the first chapter’s point of jadedness becomes inevitable, a naturally unnatural response to a lifetime of thwarted dreams.

Heavens on Earth – Carmen Boullosa

Language is as much for sharing, being together, as it is for suppressing, delegitimizing.

Recitation – Bae Suah

I keep wondering what it means for a city to be no-place. What it means to make home out of no-place.

The Willow King – Meelis Friedenthal

With our own era’s debates on science, truth, and the merit of religion, THE WILLOW KING makes us appreciate how much, and how little, have changed in the intervening three hundred years.