Books in Translation

The Consequences – Niña Weijers

How often can refusal be appropriated, marketed, sold and consumed by those who possibly cause it, before the only chance an earnest human has is stop making art?

Southerly – Jorge Consiglio

The question of how we create meaning or value — which, Consiglio reminds us, are far from the same thing — when moving through a place serves as a structural principle in this collection where each story stretches out like a corridor with different rooms attached.

The Influence Peddlers – Hédi Kaddour

If increasingly Islamophobic western cultures can be collectively taken as Troy, THE INFLUENCE PEDDLERS at its best is a Trojan Horse in which not all the soldiers fit — or at least fit comfortably.

My Heart Hemmed In – Marie NDiaye

NDiaye, who is half French and half Senegalese, drains the narrative of the usual markers of identity, leaving behind elemental psychological processes and beguiling allusions.

Autopsy of a Father – Pascale Kramer

What Kramer depicts is the resulting virus of hate that infects not only victims and the oppressed, but perpetrators, the oppressors, and their families.

Odd Jobs and District – Tony Duvert

Duvert creates a world in which economic necessity and the demands of labor produce desire and sexuality — in other words, a world quite similar to our own.

Incest – Christine Angot

Performative writing promises no buttoned-up endings, no achievement of perfection. It refutes the notion of a progression, of a moving forward, the reaching of a completed end-point.

Being Here is Everything – Marie Darrieussecq

How can a biography of any woman not be about her sad fucking life?

I Am the Brother of XX – Fleur Jaeggy

The private self will not be saved by rationality.

The Last Wolf & Herman – László Krasznahorkai

If Bernhard was, however reductive the term, the Alpen-Beckett (Beckett of the Alps), then László Krasznahorkai might in turn be called the Alföld-Bernhard, the Bernhard of the Great Hungarian Plain.