Books in Translation

Go, Went, Gone – Jenny Erpenbeck

A system that uses and relies on lists and numbers never can account for lives, but only for bodies — dead or alive.

August – Romina Paula

The toggling between and stacking up of intensifiers and alternatives vividly brands the narrative of August with a symbol of equivocation and transition.

Fog – Miguel de Unamuno

When we die, we all become fictional characters.

Thus Bad Begins – Javier Marías

Like so many young Spaniards of the transition, Juan never questions his elders, as though pointing out Muriel’s hypocrisy might lead to the return of the Franco regime.

Nights as Day, Days as Night – Michel Leiris

While “a fieldwork of the self” is clearly how much of Leiris’s other work operates, this book resists.

Atlantic Hotel – João Gilberto Noll

ATLANTIC HOTEL’s moral compass is far wonkier than even the most clever parody of a hardboiled detective noir.

Full Stop Quarterly: August 2017

This issue of the Full Stop Quarterly is concerned with the processes and systems that make up and facilitate writing and reading, and in particular with poetry, the perpetual avant-garde.

Effi Briest – Theodor Fontane

When the doctor asked me if I had recently experienced a tragedy, I took the English translation out of my backpack, and read to her.

Our Dead World – Liliana Colanzi

Colanzi’s work moves in the opposite direction of Jung’s in every way; horror is a metaphysical humility.

Black Moses – Alain Mabanckou

The writing shows such a singular view of the world through an adolescent’s — then young man’s — then madman’s — eyes.