The Fabrications – Baret Magarian

By employing the omniscient method, Magarian is almost necessarily ruling out the kind of detailed probing of his characters’ psychological states we have perhaps come to expect in fiction.

Class – Francesco Pacifico

Francesco Pacifico’s CLASS is both a contribution to and, at its best, a subversion of the genre of gentrifier kunstlerroman.

Thus Bad Begins – Javier Marías

Like so many young Spaniards of the transition, Juan never questions his elders, as though pointing out Muriel’s hypocrisy might lead to the return of the Franco regime.

Goodbye, Vitamin – Rachel Khong

The way that Ruth gauges the progression of her father’s illness is food-centric.

Nights as Day, Days as Night – Michel Leiris

While “a fieldwork of the self” is clearly how much of Leiris’s other work operates, this book resists.

Wait Till You See Me Dance – Deb Olin Unferth

Don’t tell me it’s going to get better, just tell me that you feel it, too.

Stuart Hall’s Voice – David Scott

For several generations to come Stuart Hall’s voice will remain a key part of conversations on the left.

Atlantic Hotel – João Gilberto Noll

ATLANTIC HOTEL’s moral compass is far wonkier than even the most clever parody of a hardboiled detective noir.

Overpour – Jane Wong

Wong’s speakers are possessed of a transforming power, but the physical realities around them push back, or bind them in ways they can’t escape.

Swallow the Fish – Gabrielle Civil

Civil upends our assumptions around artistic displays of the body, demands we consider the fact that performance art engages with unruly ghosts and wounded riddles.