Crosslight for Youngbird – Asiya Wadud

Wadud’s poems of witness are far less remote than one might expect of an often commemorative tradition, underwritten by a deep physical sympathy.

Intimate Ties – Robert Musil

Read in the broadest terms, in the context of literary modernism, INTIMATE TIES seems especially concerned with the psyche, sexuality, and repression.

Nothing but the Night – John Williams

The last of Williams’s novels to be reissued, 1948’s NOTHING BUT THE NIGHT now marks the inevitable death knell of the Williams literary revival.

All My Goodbyes – Mariana Dimópulos

Dimópulos works directly against one of the age-old creative writing workshop adages: don’t lose your reader in time.

I’m Open to Anything – William E. Jones

The book, both in its physicality and content, poses a challenge not to conservative forces who would immediately shut it down, but rather to progressive and “open-minded” people who support queer writing — but only if it’s “literary” and respectable.

A Delicate Aggression – David O. Dowling

Dowling is uncritical and unsentimental in his portrayal of the mfa as the death-knell of creative solitude, spontaneous community-making, and writing for writing’s sake.

Meander, Spiral, Explode – Jane Alison

Why would the exploration of the formal possibilities (in all their complexity) not be just as crucial to the integrity of fiction as evoking emotion in the reader?

Max Havelaar or, The Coffee Auctions of the Dutch Trading Company – Multatuli

No anti-colonial tract more effectively debunked the, by then, three-century-old system which—tweaked and window-dressed to pacify the progressives of each generation—had enriched Europe while shredding colonized societies everywhere.

Binstead’s Safari – Rachel Ingalls

In many novels, the survival of a marriage symbolizes a return to normalcy, but Ingalls twists that convention by rendering marriage as a stricture on each individual’s autonomy.

Juliet the Maniac – Juliet Escoria

JULIET THE MANIAC displaces survival from its preferred position of totality i.e. restitution, and reframes recovery as a messy and unpredictable process of fragmentary retrieval.