16 Ways to Break a Heart – Lauren Strasnick

This is what LA whispers to its lovers — let passion be your only guide.

Theorizing Sound Writing – ed. Deborah Kapchan

THEORIZING SOUND WRITING describes itself as not just describing or analyzing sound, but as a form that “is the inscriptive dimension of listening” — the trace that listening leaves behind.

The Last Wolf & Herman – László Krasznahorkai

If Bernhard was, however reductive the term, the Alpen-Beckett (Beckett of the Alps), then László Krasznahorkai might in turn be called the Alföld-Bernhard, the Bernhard of the Great Hungarian Plain.

A Theory in Tears – Cassandra Troyan

I used to cling to this pet theory: if everyone ejaculated, the world would be a different place.

Go, Went, Gone – Jenny Erpenbeck

A system that uses and relies on lists and numbers never can account for lives, but only for bodies — dead or alive.

Try Never – Anthony Madrid

The cosmic, the Unfathomable Voice gains its authority primarily through rhythm, meter, and form. What it actually says, however true, is an afterthought.

The Skin of Meaning: Collected Literary Essays and Talks – Aaron Shurin

Sitting beside Aaron, bathed together in the afternoon light, he points to his apartment windows, the structural yieldings to the sky.

After Kathy Acker: A Literary Biography – Chris Kraus

It’s not hard to see in this a massive FUCK YOU to Acker.

August – Romina Paula

The toggling between and stacking up of intensifiers and alternatives vividly brands the narrative of August with a symbol of equivocation and transition.

Fog – Miguel de Unamuno

When we die, we all become fictional characters.