The Naked Woman – Armonía Somers

THE NAKED WOMAN continues to speak to us nowadays as fiercely and urgently as seventy years ago: more than ever, women’s bodies are the place of political battles that seek to change the way we understand desire, consent, and autonomy.

Tonic and Balm – Stephanie Allen

The attempt to extract from history an elegiac redemption story may not entirely avoid superimposing a present idealization on the past.

When Rap Spoke Straight to God – Erica Dawson

[Erica Dawson] shows by example how to band together with the mothers and sisters whose voices get lost in patriarchy’s texts.

77 – Guillermo Saccomanno

77 is a novel of terror.

Great Expectations – Kathy Acker

This contemporary return to Acker may be similar to how Acker herself returned to those who lived and wrote before her: as something unfinished.

Dark Constellations – Pola Oloixarac

In Oloixarac’s hands, this world is one in which the boundaries between humans, plants, and animals have already begun to dissolve.

Minor Monuments – Ian Maleney

Recording for Maleney is the fold in time that bends toward the unrecoverable past.

I Have Never Been Able to Sing – Alexis Almeida

At the conclusion of this litany of haves, have-nots and have-nevers, we are left with a better idea of what it means to be a self, a thing which is only partially apprehensible to the person occupying it.

Remedia – Michael Joyce

The hypertext author is unavoidably confronting the role of order and form in fiction

Go Ahead In The Rain – Hanif Abdurraqib

Abdurraqib can tell better stories about music than sometimes the music can tell about itself.