Herlands – Keridwen N. Luis

The impulse of withdrawal can sharpen continuously to a fine point.

Socialist Realism – Trisha Low

Maybe this is, more than anything else, about a series of starting points. We have not started fighting yet.

Love, Icebox: Letters from John Cage to Merce Cunningham – ed. Laura Kuhn

It is impossible to separate the work of the artists from the shared life of two men in love.

Lite Year – Tess Brown-Lavoie

Though deeply embodied and rooted in the land, Lite Year does not offer itself up as willingly as we have grown to expect from poetic farmers.

Positions of the Sun — Lyn Hejinian

Does Language poetry have a public? If not, and for want of one, whose interests does it serve instead?

Experiments in Joy – Gabrielle Civil

EXPERIMENTS IN JOY holds space for so many other individuals, and for an inclusive community, because this is a part of Civil’s ethics, but also because she’s often making work in collaboration.

Excess—The Factory – Leslie Kaplan

Leslie Kaplan’s EXCESS—THE FACTORY has nine circles, but you don’t get to the bottom of it.

The Storyteller Essays – Walter Benjamin

Stories rely on their iterability, extant within a system of circulation, mobile and memorable.

Last of Her Name – Mimi Lok

Lok’s stories negotiate and transgress the limits of the nearly impossible.

Eden-Brazil – Moacyr Scliar

In these new climate circumstances, old stories will not suffice when it comes to stirring us to action.