Bride & Groom – Alisa Ganieva

Rather than crafting a character study or a love-at-first-sight romance (though the novel includes elements of both), Ganieva attempts to encapsulate Dagestan’s complexities, interrogating its customs, politics, and religion.

The Juniper Tree – Barbara Comyns

One of the scariest moments of THE JUNIPER TREE is nothing more than the sight of some flowers on the floor.

The Garbage Times / White Ibis – Sam Pink

It’s THEY SHOOT HORSES, DON’T THEY in a funnier, sustained alt lit sentegraph.

Camp Marmalade – Wayne Koestenbaum

I don’t care how these books were really made. The fetish of process reminds me too much of the marketing strategies behind twice-distilled commercial bourbons and locally-sourced corporate burrito chains.

The Chandelier – Clarice Lispector

The words they use include ones like sorceress, saint, superhuman, and sphinx. Otherwise, they refer to her by her first name alone.

The Mars Room – Rachel Kushner

It appears that Kushner wants readers to believe — and feel — that the book is transparent, almost literally true.

The Infinite Future – Tim Wirkus

To visit another world and glean its wisdom and come back with it — that is the task of the translator.

The Comedown – Rebekah Frumkin

One wonders indeed how far back we might trace the sources of a family’s anxieties, the original sins of the original fathers, a neurotic first mover.

Fabulous – madison moore

moore’s own practice of writing FABULOUS extends his project, creating another, more intangible and theoretical, place for these brown, queer, and fabulous lives.

Missives from the Green Campaign – David Armstrong

We exchange small gods for growing things, and are content.