Eight Lectures on Experimental Music – Ed. Alvin Lucier

While this elite benefaction may help to undergird the lucky artist’s work, it certainly does not offer a hell of a lot of relief to this lost listener who cannot afford their dietary staples.

Southerly – Jorge Consiglio

The question of how we create meaning or value — which, Consiglio reminds us, are far from the same thing — when moving through a place serves as a structural principle in this collection where each story stretches out like a corridor with different rooms attached.

Infinity to Dine – lazenby

Where we can usually only view questions from one angle (we can never view words in the round; stand behind, or to the side of, the page), lazenby attempts to do otherwise, treating questions as statues.

Sir William Forsythe’s Freebase Nuptials – Sean Kilpatrick

Stuck festering between brows high and low, Kilpatrick’s latest instantaneously ignored struggle with cultural iconography and line quality inflicts (potential) readers with his wang mural on a bathroom stall.

The Influence Peddlers – Hédi Kaddour

If increasingly Islamophobic western cultures can be collectively taken as Troy, THE INFLUENCE PEDDLERS at its best is a Trojan Horse in which not all the soldiers fit — or at least fit comfortably.

I, Parrot – Deb Olin Unferth and Elizabeth Haidle

While the medium of Unferth’s work has transmogrified into this alternate form, her message remains the same: How the fuck did I get here, and now how do I get out?

Inside/Out – Joseph Osmundson

I’ll admit here that I definitely have a crush on Joe Osmundson. It’s one of those queer crushes where you’re unsure of its origin, but quite sure of its force.

Anemal Uter Meck – Mg Roberts

The book foregrounds its seams because this book is also about its own making.

The Book of Resting Places – Thomas Mira y Lopez

Mira y Lopez’s encyclopedic interests flirt with the ready information saturation of the current moment, but his facile movement between subjects, both cerebral and intimate, honor the careful attention of authorship over hiveminded wikis.

Solar Bones – Mike McCormack

Perhaps the novel’s greatest value is in demonstrating that unorthodox writing strategies need not make a literary work difficult for a patient reader.