Adventure Hooks – Tyler Crumrine

these are adventure hooks, they are jumping off points / you read them and they lay the groundwork for a variety of quests

Radical Sacrifice – Terry Eagleton

The dust jacket claims that Radical Sacrifice “distils the essence of Eagleton’s later thought,” but at the outset it seems like that later thought is stuck in an era now long past.

Motherhood – Sheila Heti

I am not here specifically to defend Heti’s section breaks, jumping points, or digressions, though I may in parts do just that. What I am here to do is consider how the criticism of this book plays right into a larger story Heti is telling.

Ultra-Cabin – Kimberly Lambright

We might read holding the world in the back of our minds as a way of negotiating between what is promising and what can hurt us.

Selected Writings – Mirtha Dermisache

Think of this “book” as a primer that instructs us in nothing other than how to brilliantly rearrange loops, humps, and strokes.

A Working Woman – Elvira Navarro

A review must mostly just be a curved letter to the author.

CoDex 1962 – Sjón

It’s easy to forget that stories are rarely the work of any individual, but part of a collective process of telling and retelling — borrowing, alluding or stealing. There’s reason to be hopeful.

Millennials and the Moments that Made Us – Shaun Scott

[Shaun Scott] uses the book as an occasion to decenter and problematize the mainstream cultural idea of the American Millennial as any middle- or upper-class white twenty-something with a liberal arts degree trying to make it as, say, a voice of a generation.

Empty Cup – Dennis Maloney

Language, poetry, and the act of translation are, then, inherently communal acts because they all involve ways of knowing one’s self, sharing that self, and as a result, eliminating a sense of otherness among communities.

A Forest Almost – Liz Countryman // The Aleatory Abyss – Evelyn Hampton

The inability to believe in the future, a failure that we humans have made possible — we have exceeded ourselves, haha! — has created, not unhappiness, but ____________________.