Three Brothers: Memories of My Family – Yan Lianke

Yan is concerned with death in this arresting work, not only the death of loved ones, but of a whole moment in Chinese history that, for ever more young people, is incomprehensible and even non-existent.

Me & Other Writing – Marguerite Duras

Even for the French it is nearly impossible to pin down exactly how Duras does what she does.

The Bodies of Birds​ – Melanie Rae Thon

It is difficult to describe the lyricism of THE BODIES OF BIRDS in any other way besides liquid metaphors: it swirls, it ripples, it eddies through its narrative waves.

The Rapture Index: A Suburban Bestiary – Molly Reid

Which animal is on the brink of rapture?

Future Tense Fiction – Multiple Authors

FUTURE TENSE FICTION is an exciting and self-conscious celebration of what science fiction has often done best – predict the future

Divide Me By Zero – Lara Vapnyar

Like Barthes’ Mourning Diary, Lara Vapnyar’s poignant, sensitively observed novel can be read as an act of demystification, a study of lost love.

Keeping / the window open  – Rosmarie and Keith Waldrop

When I talk to my students in workshop about “your ideal reader,” the example that’s in my mind but I never say out loud is this: me reading anything Rosmarie has written.

The Hanky of Pippin’s Daughter – Rosmarie Waldrop

Like the title’s hanky fluttering out of a castle window and settling in some mud, this novel’s narrator flickers about time, space, memory, fact, and conjecture.

All My Cats – Bohumil Hrabal

The great news is that if you’re not looking for a cardigan in book form, then ALL MY CATS is an extraordinary, heartrending read.

Animal Suicides – Angela Veronica Wong

Here, now, thresholds blur, and we must confront our presence in our absence, our environmental impact across even the most intimate parts of our lives.