Death and Other Holidays – Marci Vogel

One of many finely crafted aspects of this novella is its hazy yet undeniable locatedness. While not emblematic of Los Angeles, DEATH AND OTHER HOLIDAYS embeds itself deeply in Los Angeles throughout.

Sexographies – Gabriela Wiener

The collection conveys a profound honesty about female sexuality that goes beyond a simple defense of sexual freedom to expose the complexities of desire, the body, and psychology.

Ethical Probe on Mixed Martial Arts Enthusiasts in the USA – Andy Martrich

More than a sport, MMA is a hyperbolic spectacle that echoes and validates its viewers’ faith in old-fashioned notions of truth and realism.

The Day The Sun Died – Yan Lianke

Without revealing too much, one can simply butcher Chekhov by observing that, if you read a story that mentions corpse oil, you can be pretty sure that it will be used, sooner or later.

The Oblique Place – Caterina Pascaul Söderbaum

Don’t be fooled that this is a story about discovery. It is instead about trying to accommodate what’s been discovered.

A Swarm of Dust – Evald Flisar

To what extent can we indeed plausibly claim to be focusing our attention on the text itself when the context needed to make the text fully intelligible might be missing?

The Stolen Bicycle – Wu Ming-Yi

How amazing it is, I thought, while flipping through book after book after book after zine after book, that I am here with THE STOLEN BICYCLE in my backpack, that we are in 2018 and still use paper, ink, and energy to capture, print, and sell random people’s precious moments of the past.

The Hole – José Revueltas

Although Revueltas was a committed Marxist throughout his life, THE HOLE is not a political novel in the ordinary sense.

An Untouched House – Willem Frederik Hermans

The square book fits easily into a jacket pocket, but the ninety-nine pages of narrative are so explosive as to make one feel like you’re smuggling a weapon.

The Artifact – Germán Sierra

As technology continues to reshape our relationships to the world and others, the fight to protect the human species must begin with a social and historical understanding of what it means to be human.