taxonomic drift – Mark Young

In order to access truth, poetry must “deviate from that which is familiar.”

The Complete Gary Lutz – Gary Lutz

Lutz’s stories are less the literary equivalent of stylized Instagram snapshots or artsy TikTok videos than careful montages made from the serial recordings of a surveillance camera

Manhunt – Jaime Fountaine

In MANHUNT, coming of age means coming to grips with powerlessness.

Justice Piece // Transmission – Lauren Levin

The felt political reality flickers into visibility: readers experience themselves caught in the weft, in contact with and transformed by a perspective that couldn’t have been otherwise articulated.

Touch Me Not: A Most Rare Compendium of the Whole Magical Art

Okay, sure — but what exactly happens if you perform magic with #FakeSigils?

BTTM FDRS – Ezra Claytan Daniels and Ben Passmore

One wonders what kind of blood-curdling monster story might have come out of CLTR VLTR.

Exquisite Mariposa – Fiona Alison Duncan

Its first bites taste like mainstream contemporary fiction; they go down easy, like candy, or like a Sally Rooney novel. But as you continue to chew — because this novel is chewy — you encounter something quite different.

Autobiography of Horse – Jenifer Sang Eun Park

Maybe the horse is fucking with her.

Devonte Travels the Sorry Route – T.J. Anderson III

Poetry starves without the sharing of ideas and drafts, books and meals, misery and laughter.

Aphelia – Mikella Nicol

There is motive to this movement, if difficult female narrators can be called a movement.