The Governesses – Anne Serre

If a governess frolics and there is no elderly gentleman to witness it . . . ?

Ma Bo’le’s Second Life – Xiao Hong

The reader will have to decide if it is ok to do the wrong thing for the right reason or the right thing for the wrong reason or the right thing for the right reason or the wrong thing for the wrong reason.

Narrator – Bragi Olafsson

I submit that playing along once in a while with games like Olafsson’s, games about the game of fiction, can be a useful reminder of how fiction works on us.

GeNtry!fication: Or, the Scene of the Crime – Chaun Webster

GeNtry!fication isn’t just a book of poetry that dances around a question. It is an experimental essay that delves deep and also inducts its readers into the process by asking difficult questions that the author himself is seeking.

how do I net thee – Shira Dentz

This collection illuminates how, like language, memory is slippery, and how our inability to capture real life is a spectacular failure that gives rise to poetry.

Glory Hole – Stephen Beachy

The progress to be made, then, is to be sentenced to the book, go through the door, dive into the black hole.

Revenge of the Translator – Brice Matthieussent

You could also say that it was her most transgressive, subversive move to forego revenge, content instead to disappear.

Dead Girls – Alice Bolin

The book should’ve been called anything other than DEAD GIRLS.

The Fifth Woman – Nona Caspers

Caspers’s prose unifies form and content in a spectacular way as she writes the facts of grief, doing justice to both its devastation and transcendence, the sublime surreality it bestows on the world through the mere fact that one must continue to live in it.

Where the Bird Disappeared – Ghassan Zaqtan

Time isn’t linear, and it’s in this way that the book resists both nationalist and anti-nationalist narratives about how a Palestinian people have progressed or failed