Guy Delisle

To be completely deprived of your freedom. That always has fascinated me.

Jen George

I don’t write just to see what’ll happen. I’m not interested in hippy art. I’m in conversation with certain things and I work to get all of those things into a unified place.

Eloisa Amezcua

“My hope is that we can dismantle and rebuild a community where we build each other up and support each other instead of trying to keep people/certain work out.”

Deborah Cowen

“This remaking of border management into a zone that aims to be both open and closed – that aims to facilitate trade, but control or contain so-called ‘undersirable flows’ (usually migrants) – is one piece of the rise of a whole new paradigm of security – supply chain security.”

Samanta Schweblin

People always forget about numbers, names, all kind of information, but they never forget a strong feeling. Maybe to turn on a mute alarm is the most effective way inform, that would be in any case my politics.

Sasha Fletcher

The last person I was in love with was an Episcopalian who taught me about Joy Williams, and who is maybe the only person I have ever written a decent poem directly about, to, and for.

Elizabeth Richebourg Rea

“Short stories as a literary form with popular and commercial appeal are always either dying or making a comeback, it seems.”

Marisa J. Fuentes

“I think anyone working on or in the archives of slavery is dealing with the supernatural.”

Lauren Levin

“I wanted to write a book that, as Anne Boyer says, ‘isn’t against us.'”

Geoffrey Sanborn

“William Wells Brown is one of the great American patron saints of dodginess.”

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