Sara Batkie

If I’m the god of my characters, I hope I’m a flexible one.

Tim Ingold

For me the great thing about anthropology – and the reason I remain an anthropologist – lies in this freedom that it grants its practitioners to roam intellectually.

David Nutt

And while I’m lobbing around so many crass generalizations, here’s one more: All of us are beholden to some larger tyranny or coercion, real or imagined, that is ever ready to crush us.

Chelsey Johnson

Instead of writing about a heyday of a culture or a scene or a place, I wanted to land in the aftermath. I wanted to see what was going on those doldrums.

Andrew Ridker

Progressive politics and privilege butting heads: that’s sort of where I like to live when I’m writing.

Stanley Corngold

Did Congress know that as a result of Sputnik we were going to have a deconstruction-mad America?

Tanya Marquardt

I knew that I was going to talk about abuse, I wanted to leave it on the page, action by action, without much reflection.

Aaron Shulman

Most of us make poetry from life, but the Paneros insisted on making life from poetry.

James M. Chesbro

“The daydream emerged as such an unbidden gift.”

Jaclyn Gilbert

In life, like love, or the shape of a story itself, time is fast and slow at once, compressed and expanded; it is never as simple or singular as a minute is long.

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