Kim Tolley

I think graduate students deserve the right to organize. So if I can help people understand that it’s not hard to start, I’ll feel very happy with this interview. 

Peg Alford Pursell

Flannery O’Connor said that anyone who’s survived beyond the age of twelve has enough fictional material for the rest of her life.

Charlie Bondhus

If magick is about intentionality and focus, then poetry may be the best way for a poet to cast a spell.

Emma Bolden

I still feel the echo of shame and confusion, but I also feel the clarity and peace that comes with speaking out about these difficult things.

Brian Evenson

The imperfection of knowledge is something that fascinates me. The fact that if you want to be certain about something, the more closely you think about it the less certain you become at a certain point.

Helen DeWitt

I enjoy working on something I can control. That rules out everything written for publication

Brian Whitener

What does it look like and potentially feel like when we finally commit to live inside new collective structures?

Cynthia L. Haven

If you don’t howl with the wolves, the wolves will howl for you.

Mark Doten

I wanted to create a situation that Trump would not be able to actually catch up to in reality.

Sara Batkie

If I’m the god of my characters, I hope I’m a flexible one.

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