Tanya Marquardt

I knew that I was going to talk about abuse, I wanted to leave it on the page, action by action, without much reflection.

Aaron Shulman

Most of us make poetry from life, but the Paneros insisted on making life from poetry.

James M. Chesbro

“The daydream emerged as such an unbidden gift.”

Jaclyn Gilbert

In life, like love, or the shape of a story itself, time is fast and slow at once, compressed and expanded; it is never as simple or singular as a minute is long.

Laura van den Berg

I do sometimes feel that reading and writing is a way of preparing oneself [for death], as much as a person can be prepared.

Malcolm Harris

It’s fun to see people talk about revolution seriously, because they can’t imagine anything else anymore and it’s starting to enter the consciousness.

Dan Callahan

I think a novel is the very best creative form for showing what the passage of time can be like.

Imani Perry

By virtue of being the child of a migrant, Lorraine Hansberry understood something deep about all these spaces that were supposed to be hopeful.

Rita Bullwinkel

The dynamic of competitive youth women’s athletics is extremely weird and fertile and interesting.

Shaun Randol

The Mantle is one of the monsters in Monsters, Inc. It’s a monster, but a lovable one. And one day I will tame it, because right now it’s sure as hell riding me around.

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