Philippe Girard

It was important to understand Toussaint Louverture’s importance as an icon in people’s hearts today, and for that I had to be in Haiti.

M Kitchell

For me if desire were not so impossibly complicated I would not be interested in writing about it. Perhaps pushing desire toward death is a way to banalize, to some extent, what is so incredibly complicated.

David Galef

Recommend edits and hope that doesn’t lose you some friends.

Best of Interviews 2016

The Best Interviews from 2016

Hilary Plum

I wanted a structure that could consider the experience and ethics of that sick time—trapped on a couch before a screen, world’s helpless observer—and could comprehend whatever healing occurred in nonredemptive terms.

Bruce Bauman

The country’s obsession with the true, its preference for non-fiction over fiction is symptomatic of two things — a lack of cultural imagination and a fear of the unknown. As if nonfiction can make you feel at ease and the world a safe place if you can KNOW this world. It’s not and you can’t.

Paul Devlin

Albert Murray went so far as to redefine race in terms of idiom — he sought to redefine ethnic difference as idiomatic difference.

John Kaag

I think that understanding a particular philosophical position means that you try your best to understand the particular geographical and cultural space it emerges from.

Eugene Thacker

I think you can’t really have a philosophy of pessimism, you can only have the reverse. It’s something that questions the philosophical enterprise itself, but it does so from inside—pessimism is against philosophy, but in the “key” of philosophy.

Ben Katchor

Book readers miss the disposable nature of newspaper comics. It was a free public utility. They miss seeing the strips surrounded by classified ads placed by actual suffering people.

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