After Before: El Libro de Carmen Boullosa

As I’ve gotten to know Carmen Boullosa’s work, her invisibility has become harder to take.

The Romance Isn’t Dead (Or, Playing the Shakespearean Video Game)

Time provides a second chance; it lets us play again.


Blood you can wash off. But not whiteness. It’s underneath the blood.

Beached Reading

When we try to flip through any one of the volumes lining the desert island’s shore, we find that its pages have been bleached by sun and surf.

A History of Rivers

Think of how it must feel to lose everything you’ve ever worked for to the showy unpredictability of a nature growing over the millennia. No one is ever safe.

What Machines Know: Surveillance Anxiety and Digitizing the World

Mass surveillance and predictive policing are all the rage. And in the act of performing identity online, ordinary people help make the world more machine-readable. Why do we play along?

Like a Boss

Is the bossless office egalitarian, or does it simply camouflage inequalities and portend the further erosion of organized labor?

The Hostage Situation

Bossnappings are a symbolically potent tactic in the arsenal of labor militancy, especially now that workers are increasingly required to identify with their management.

Lore & Peace: What Tolstoy Can Teach Us About Bowe Bergdahl

Long before Bowe Bergdahl dreamed of military battle, Leo Tolstoy was writing about the seductive nature of war stories and their ability to lure young men to gruesome and early deaths.

The Mall Lives

The so-called great neighborhoods of America’s cities are food courts.