No GrAttitude: Peter Tunney Is the Devil

The work of Peter Tunney is incredibly offensive to any sane person’s sensibilities.

Consider the Octopus

My desire to become an unlikely statistic drove me to torture a living animal. Or at least to experience its death in the most intimate way possible: inside my mouth.

Julius Neubronner’s Photographer Pigeons

Freedom of natural flight, fetish of the unknown.

Stuff I’ve Read in the Last Month (Or So): Fantasy and Realism

In order to deal with the terrible dullness of being alive, man invented fantasy novels.

Sacha Polak’s Zurich

In Sacha Polak’s Zurich, the emotional abyss of grief is charted in a physical landscape, making it a reality.

On “Bored in the USA” on Letterman on YouTube

Father John Misty’s Letterman performance opens up a space where irony and sincerity can co-exist.


The time is ripe for an author to tell their story of how an MMORPG destroyed their marriage.

P. Odoratissimum

Isn’t all language, all classification, only holes tied together with string?

The Style Guide: Smooth Tips for Grammar and Love

The Style Guide on Harvard commas, dating profiles, and diction as a window to the soul.

Prison Nations At War

If some people are freer than others in society at large, it is worth looking at the prison system to see if, within its confines, these differences are amplified.