The End of the Jurassic World Is Nigh

What does it mean when a cultural text is positioning itself as a ravenous chimera, as something that needs to be destroyed?

Cautious Vitality: New Developments in Contemporary Czech Poetry

Czech poets want change, but if possible without the risk of creating explosions with their experiments and new approaches.

What We’re Not

I never felt comfortable in groups of kids that I was told were “like me,” born disabled. Like Dolezal, I insisted that what you could see of my body was contrary to who I actually was.

The Poetry of Pedestrians

By merely wandering, the dérivist frustrates the spatial logic of capitalism, in the process discovering new currents, fissures, and vortices of possibility within a deeply familiar space.

Pick Me

The ability to choose is a luxury, a delightful freedom, a tricky exercise for a mammal that probably never imagined it would be asked to decide so much.

Political Pop Music

We have to go through an extraordinarily complex entanglement of experiences, norms, and systems of power and control to even scratch the surface of the political in popular music.

The Collapse of the Ancien in Thailand

When thinking about Thailand’s next act, about the royal drama revolving around the banished-capitalist Thaksin and the prince, I couldn’t lose the image of Falstaff and Prince Hal.

The Matter at Hand

We yearn to be free of a sordid history, to exist undeterred by a fetid past, but the irreality of what we have learned and witnessed encroaches upon our daily being. But, listen. You are here. You are now. And you have a story to choose how we will be.

Roger Shawyer’s EmDrive

A plethora of images that fiction has already implanted in our memories would no longer be just images: from earth-based private flying vehicles to cheap interplanetary human transport.

Saint Pop: Martyrdom and the Cult of Celebrity

A new development in the cult of celebrity celebrates an artist’s work on the basis of personal tragedy, not the work itself.