Of Juice and Joy

A peacock in spring makes derangéd love to the muddy hill.

The Insensitivity of Autocorrect

I think of all this messy tech as a lake that grows larger and larger, accumulating information with no sense of time’s passing, a beast with good intentions, that only wishes to learn.

Taking Time

Time passes, print publications amass. I never realized before how much the accumulation of periodicals could remind a person that the end is inevitable.

Consider The Sex Writer

Why is writing and reading about sex the source of so much discomfort and uncertainty?

Making Things Feel Real

Fourteen ships from around the world anchored in the deepest part of the Suez Canal and simply waited there. For eight years.

How to Have Sex with Multiple People at Once in a Chill Way

I decided I wanted to lie down and have people grope me gently, as though I were Marina Abramović performing Rhythm 0, unrated and uncut.

The Wellesley Sleepwalker and Robert Walser

While I understand the controversy, I wonder why more people aren’t first worried about the sleepwalker himself. I am, but that’s probably because he reminds me of someone: Robert Walser.

How to Talk about Climate Change, Part 3: Who’s Doing the Talking?

We need more women and more people of color to be studying, thinking, writing, and speaking about climate change. The stakes are high.

Traveling the Zero: Digital and Homesick

Whether or not video games are “art” has been the subject of a good amount of writing, but it would be difficult to classify Kentucky Route Zero as anything but art.

Completely Stopped: How a Fledgling Journalist was Short Shrifted by Full Stop

Quickly, like a bedbug, was I removed from the Full Stop offices, ushered forcefully by a large security guard out a side door which emptied into a disgusting alley.