What I Read Last Month (or So): Sad and True

After pages of solitary struggle, all of a sudden, I’m not alone. I was shocked by the euphoria the first personal plural brought out of me.

Séance: Samuel Johnson

We sacrificed one of our interns, recited the incantations, and entreated the ram-bearer to deliver this preeminent man of letters.

Personality Texts

The descriptions make gentle assurances that yes, you are comprehensible, and no, you are not alone. Your way of being is not an aberration but rather part of a larger, sensible, beautiful framework.

First Object

For now I only want to talk about this pillow. I am hoarding it like a seed or a precious sourdough mother. I have been watering it with tears for nearly a decade.

Fucking The Berlin Wall

We may not need Temporal Displacement or an Objektum-Sexual marriage to conceive of the Berlin Wall as something that still stands.

Quiz: What Kind of Literary Scientist Are You?

Proust was a neuroscientist. Jane Austen was a game theorist. Find out which science is the catalyst for your literary spirit.

A Moral Inventory of Rodents Indigenous to North America

Answers to the questions that have long plagued us. Can ferrets feel envy? Are weasels xenophobic? Is casual sex good for voles?

Born and Raised

It is a quiet kind of oppression to have the world constantly demand an explanation for your complexity.

6 Things You May Have Missed in King Lear

You’ll never look at Shakespeare the same again. Viva Il Duce!

A Toe in the Water off the Tahiti in Your Heart

The horrors on the unknown side of the half-known life have a way of lurking in the corners, not satisfied remaining hidden.