A Writer’s Stress Dreams

I dive off the cliff after my computer. I catch it, but I die.

2014: Year of the Yogurt Wars

John Stamos brings them cups of Oikos on a silver platter. Dannon leans back on the tired trope of sexual desire.

To Be The One Who Doesn’t Wait

Via filthy, international first-class mail, do you become both lover and loved one, the one who does not wait?

Babelsprech International: Young Finnish Poets

All concrete buildings and monstrous shopping centers, the inconspicuous town of Jyväskylä has grown into the most important center for Finnish poetry after Helsinki.

The Fire Next Time

The fire imagery in the Hunger Games films and advertising campaigns recalls the use of self-immolation as a form of political protest.

Brand Brothers

As more and more people are questioning the value of a college education, branding — the process of creating perceived value out of thin air — is becoming increasingly important for universities.

Games and Dolls

A video game is the medium best suited to express such an illusion of agency, the exercise of power within a tightening radius of possibility.

The Bad News is Good News

Climate change finally comes to the foreground — what excellent news! Well, actually, a lot of the news is horrible.

Babelsprech International: Brazilian Poetry, Part 1

Dealing with the practice of your contemporaries means you must tread shifting grounds, balancing yourself between tectonic plates.

Q&A: Institute for New Feeling

Have you ever felt that exact combination of intimacy and awkwardness while walking on a treadmill with a stranger before?