Selfie at the End of the Universe

Images of our IRL lives, time-stamped and geo-logged and hi-res or lo-, might be one of the few ways in which we can swim against an entropy that will eventually swallow us.

Joyful Losers and the Game of Life

The Game of Life reaches its conclusion at the apex of property ownership and capital accumulation and family structure solidification. It doesn’t take you to the part where you get old and your children grow up and don’t want to talk to you anymore.

TV Room

My mother was happiest when we were watching Robin Williams. And I was happy and my brothers were happy because she was happy.

The Heart of Edinburgh

On the eve of the Scottish independence vote, would anyone ever attempt a post-colonial reading of Sir Walter Scott?

Songs for Hal

If my mixtapes aren’t going to get listened to anyway, I thought, this opens up my options considerably. Enter Songs for Hal, a mixtape with a fictional audience: Infinite Jest’s Hal Incandenza.

Introducing: Prisons and Pop Culture

The US is supposed to value freedom above all else, yet imprisons more of its population than any other place on earth.

Quiz: Which Siglum From Finnegans Wake Are You?

So? Who do you no tonigh, lazy and gentleman?

Baphomet Rising

Satanism is alive and well in America — but not in the way most people think.

Cubist Chop Suey

Because the Chinese restaurant is a fantastic site produced by simulation, it is a safe space for experiment.

What I Read Last Month (or So): Sad and True

After pages of solitary struggle, all of a sudden, I’m not alone. I was shocked by the euphoria the first personal plural brought out of me.