Q&A: Institute for New Feeling

Have you ever felt that exact combination of intimacy and awkwardness while walking on a treadmill with a stranger before?

Can Kickstarter and Patreon Help Comics Makers Make a Living?

The time for bemoaning the vanished roles once served by publishers is clearly past. Business has changed; It’s not changing back. Would we even want it to?


No one falls for spam. No one really believes it as it is, pure id spread thick, no ego to mask it. Spam tries to court you but you’re too smart for it.

Q&A with Guillaume Nicloux

In fact it’s not Michel Houellebecq who interests me, but rather Michel Thomas. It’s the human, not the writer.

A Specter Is Haunting Precarity

Is an upper-class student with access to familial resources as precarious as a single mother working at a fast food restaurant laid off for sounding the alarm against sexual harassment at work?

4 Reasons This List Will Kill You

The novel was merely tyrannical; the listicle is fully totalitarian. There is no experience that can’t be remade in its matrix.

20 4 420: Irie Edition

In a 1931 journal entry Wittgenstein wrote, “The works of great masters are suns which rise and set around us. The time will come for every great work that is now in the descendent to rise again.” This may be the most Irie remark that he ever set to paper and serves as a fine […]

Parties I Have Heard… Of

I have recently realized that if I had to choose one and one-only sentence to encapsulate my personality, it would be: “a person for whom dancing parties are a matter of the utmost importance.”

The Godfather of Skate

The click of roller skates echoes under the high, vaulted ceiling. And the Virgin Mary gazes down upon it all, smiling benevolently, as if to say, Let’s have a good time tonight. Let’s celebrate. It’s all right.

Consider Shooting The Lobster

It turns out that in Chelsea all they’ve got is Chardonnay, and you can’t see the art for the money anyhow. In Soho all they’ve got now is clothes. So where do you, the young art-liker turn?