Roger Shawyer’s EmDrive

A plethora of images that fiction has already implanted in our memories would no longer be just images: from earth-based private flying vehicles to cheap interplanetary human transport.

Saint Pop: Martyrdom and the Cult of Celebrity

A new development in the cult of celebrity celebrates an artist’s work on the basis of personal tragedy, not the work itself.

On Hostile Architecture

As we became more comfortable locking people away in prisons, we also became more comfortable making the everyday environment inhabited by the general public into a private, confining space.

The Full Stop Quarterly Is Now For Sale

Full Stop is pleased to announce the launch of a new digital publication focusing on the unknown, the precarious, and the as-yet unrealized.

At The Palestine Festival of Literature

Surely life under the world’s longest military occupation should be no great mystery to the well-read foreign audience. Right?

Why Safer Spaces Are a Threat

Trauma survivors are not unsafe when someone undermines their subjective notions of reality. They’re unsafe when they can only trust those who confirm what they already believe.

The View from Dominica

In a country no larger than a small city both in population and area, degrees of separation are limited. Maybe it’s the volcanic geography of the island that has helped to establish and foster such independent identities.

They Gave Me a Useless Education

When you hold up the noteworthy to save a program, you’ll always be at least one example short. For Jay Z’s story to be remarkable, the poverty he came from must still exist.

The Wisconsin Blues

“Meet the state’s workforce needs” is a dangerous misreading of what it means for universities to provide a public benefit.

The 50 Greatest Moments of My Struggle (So Far)

The best moments from Karl Ove Knausgaard’s autobiographical epic, My Struggle.