A Response to “Beyond Bolaño and Beyond”

In an article that cites a total of 37 Latin American writers, including the nine listed in the quote above, only five women are mentioned.

The Collages of Helen Adam (Part II)

Many of Adam’s collages from this period marry images of society women with various, often fright-inducing creatures which in their juxtaposition create a psychological dichotomy of public versus private desires amidst expectations of beauty and femininity.

The Collages of Helen Adam

In the 1950s, the Adams sisters shifted from their childhood practice of scrapbooking and bookmaking to a collaborative collage project—focused on representations of women in the media, witchcraft and magic, and their homeland of Scotland.

Best of the Blog, 2015

The best pieces from our blog section in 2015.


When there’s there’s no horizontal stability, constant movement is required in order to stay upright. What becomes of resistance if existence has to be elastic?

The 10 Best Books of 2015

The year’s best books, as selected by the editors of Full Stop.


I don’t want to miss New York. I want to “brag as lustily as chanticleer in the morning” about our time together, but I’m not the specter who misses no one.

Indivisible: America’s Cultural Nationalism

Some people confuse all our talk of melting pots for the ingredients, not the final product. But it is the resulting mush, packaged and frozen and shipped out to all two-hundred-fifty locations, that we celebrate.

Situation and Aftermath

Simply put: if the characters aren’t impacted, the readers aren’t impacted. And impact comes through the idea of Aftermath.