The Waiting Game

The hour and a half requirement for alternate side of the street parking is a Kafkaesque joke played by the Department of Transportation and the NYPD.

How Gene Simmons Helped Kill Rock

Simmons sees the crisis of cultural production as a problem caused by middle class people not sufficiently understanding how capitalism is supposed to work.

The Underground Hedonist

The unique pleasure of reading erotica in public, and especially on the subway, is its low-grade naughtiness.

#eBookDay: 6 Works that Are Better as eBooks

Happy Read an eBook Day! Here are six works that are just plain better as eBooks.

The Future Library Project

We are fated not to know our ever-unstable future; time continues ever onward; stories have longer lifespans than we do.

Things I Read in the Last Month (or So): am i being revolutionary yet

I have a very anxiety-ridden, racing mind and so I covet the occasional book that has a narcotic effect.

One Previous Owner: Inside The World of Murderabilia

Items that once belonged to the household names of serial killing are to murderabilia enthusiasts what Inverted Jenny postage stamps are to stamp collectors.

The AEG Turbinenfabrik

The AEG Turbinenfabrik seems alien to our world because it is very clearly a product of a world that was, for all its fault, not yet total crap.

Sea Tiles

I’m trying not to say nature because the concept is corrupt. Suffice to say though, beaches make me question art because they do it all already.

7 Books That Teach Us Something (as Described on the SAT)

Seven of our favorite books that students thought could teach us valuable lessons.