Strange Familiars

Taxonomies, the naming of others, the possibility of death and dismemberment but also of strange alliances, eating together, eating each other; Just Like A Human! oozes with barely contained guts.

Cops Off Campus

It was a raucous but peaceful affair; a self-organized march to the entrance of the previously occupied library. Just before we reached it the police descended, filling the road with wagons and running through the crowd to block the entrance.

Into the Real: A Screen Addict’s Quest for Authenticity

I felt like a newborn, cutting my own umbilical cord and emerging naked, both literally and figuratively, from the womb of my own self-absorption.

Assimilation versus Liberation in Queer Publishing

When I sent out a story to be considered for Best Lesbian Erotica 2014, I could not have imagined the tangled internal politics that would ensue, nor could I have imagined that those politics would culminate in the censorship of my work.

Bitch Rosary

One sexy bitch, one drunk bitch, party with my bitches.

Mysterious Submission

Viral content giant involved with NSA spying?

Carpe Jeep

Introducing the all-new Jeep Cherokee.

Narcissist at the End of the World

Of all human qualities that catastrophe might emphasize, could it be narcissism that proves itself roach-like, invulnerable?

Down the Craigslist Housing Hole

Going to see actual apartments means you get to peek into peoples’ lives — what they eat for dinner, what they wear when they’re relaxing at home, what their guilty pleasure Tuesday night TV shows are.

Full Stop Real Estate Tip: Gorgeous Rural Mountainous Acreage – $280000

This property is not suitable for farm animals, pets, children, adults, fishing, swimming, hiking or farm animals. Really, it’s not suitable for building or habitation.