Field Notes: New Developments in Slovakian Poetry

Since the end of the ’90s, phenomena have accumulated that have finally led to the fundamentally new form of Slovakian literature we know today.

The True Nature of The 52 Places to Go in 2015

52 places to travel in a world that’s turned into what the architect Rem Koolhaas called junkspace.

S&M Sells

BDSM is not inherently radical or alternative. It’s just a way of having sex.

How to Achieve a Quality Relationship with Your Waffle-maker

There are as many routes as there are individual souls. There are as many ways to make a waffle as there are waffle-makers.

Babelsprech International: Dutch Poetry, Part 2

Postmodernism means something different in Flanders than it does in the Netherlands.

Smog, a Tragicomedy

I’ve found a certain willingness to carry on talking about smog. It’s not quite the weather, and yet it is, and it’s at once more innocent and existential than debating politics.

Babelsprech International: Dutch Poetry, Part 1

While Dutch slam poetry has never been programmatic in a very explicit sense, much less political, it can be seen as a cultural force with the power to pry open the literary field.


Sing to me the beginning of all things.

Stupid Loud Pop Music  

Pop music is instead the soup we swim in, the fabric of your genes brushing on your knees.

I Object

Is a place an object? Is a building? If I cannot go there anymore, have I lost it? Is the experience of loss, in that it is always a losing of some thing, to objectify? If I am lost without it do I become an object myself?