In Praise of Tender Machines

Technology also acts as a direct vector of memory. There are few feelings stranger than sitting in bed in your underwear, photoshopping a snapshot of your dead grandparents.

Against Identity

Making ourselves, and each other, stronger, will not be achieved by identity politics, because identity politics are concerned with what’s already there, not what could be.

Tie Your Own Rope

One of the most important albums of my life is the album I spent almost twenty years not listening to.

Vannevar Bush’s Automatic Microtome

There is no way to know, but perhaps Vannevar’s vision by slicing could have taken different forms in the contemporary age. I cannot stop thinking about this slicing-as-vision in parallel with contemporary means of control.

The 10 Best-Worst Things I Ate in 2014

Instead of reviewing the best, which risks a sappy food-gazing given voice, it might be more revealing to ask: what were the worst things I ate this year?

Stuff I Read In The Last Year or So

Life is all your clothes in piles all over the floor, and sometimes the pieces of clothing get up and move to a different pile at night when you’re asleep.

The 10 Best Books of 2014

The year’s best books, as selected by the editors of Full Stop.

A Holiday Gift: Field of Reeds

I am describing something I have sincerely come to love and I do this to challenge my own impulse towards cynicism. Not to banish cynicism, it is really important, but to make it not what I do every day.


Initially, Colchester quite rightly seems shabby, ugly, and like there’s nothing really there: but the surface, at least this once, is an illusion.

Love in the Era of Amazon

Because we are being surveilled in so many other, more intimate, less visible ways, the absolute transparency of surveillance cameras has come to seem honest, clean-cut, and even nice.