Hobby Lobby is a Funny Name

The facts of Hobby Lobby may not be funny, but the name is a continuation of an American tradition of levity.

Thad Starner Straps A Computer To His Face

Given we can have no real political capital against a company like Google, the only resort is to smash it.

The Code

The thing about a dress code is looking presentable. Ultimately, presenting. Presenting is not the same as being. It’s showing people what you’d like them to see.

Reflections on E-Slavement

I saw all the travelers watching films or television on their touchscreens. My grandmother had her earbuds in, too. I thought of the word digital and how it really means to touch.

Army of One

Rodger’s rampage shared the same nihilism as every other Great American Massacre in recent history, a selfishness turned into solipsism.

Shooting Stars

What’s missing from the debate over gun violence is the recognition that the power of our culture’s dominant narratives is at the heart of the issue.

Laboring Love

To swap “men’s work” and “women’s work” solves no problems; it’s not about the work but who performs it. The issue is the way in which we gender and correspondingly devalue certain kinds of labor.

By the Numbers

What could book reviews learn from video game reviews?

Ti West’s The Sacrament and the Dangers of Fictionalized Horror

If the movie that employs that real-life horror hews so closely to the facts that it’s practically a dramatization, tension is bled out and the scares telegraphed by history.

A Writer’s Stress Dreams

I dive off the cliff after my computer. I catch it, but I die.