Situation and Aftermath

Simply put: if the characters aren’t impacted, the readers aren’t impacted. And impact comes through the idea of Aftermath.


To live as myth is a form of resistance.

The Resilience of/to Sleaford Mods

Rihanna is neither the un-investible noise of resistance nor the efficient investment of resilience, but rather the inefficiency of melancholy.

The Misery of the General Reader: Fukuyama and Graeber

If Francis Fukuyama allows me to congratulate myself for being a few shades less conservative than the author, then Graeber’s radicalism makes me feel flaccid, middle-class, and complicit in a system whose flaws I don’t even sufficiently perceive.

Like Cattle Towards Glow

Even to death and in their assholes.

Writers and the Slow Road to #Progress

Social media is not a threat to a writer’s creative development but a continuation of it—or perhaps its very beginning.

The State Retreats

The state did not always consider itself so incapable of helping push forward social change.

Multiple Murders

Mass murder is as pure Americana as hamburgers, chicken salad sandwiches, and apple pie.

First Horizon

When you zoom in, any seemingly homogenous surface, even Facebook, can become a terrain of complexity: a landscape.

The Disgraceful Materialisms of Joanna Ruocco

Ruocco writes to move matter; in a Ruoccan sentence, material operates as the image of the sentence, a figural singing out of the sentence as such, this dark matter, earthen, a realism not of a fiction but of the writing.