2014: A Ruined Year Wearing The Face of the Thing You Most Love

Dispatches from the eldritch entrails of Skull & Bones

E-Reading Mein Kampf

In an era of frenetically dispersed political techno-messaging, something old-fashioned attends the thought that Hitler’s master plan is summarized in one book. But no one really reads Mein Kampf.

Why Mobile Phones Are Good for Art

Some art critics have upbraided the Frieze Fair for displaying “fakes,” but none of the viewers seemed to mind. Their phone screens flickered constantly in the darkened stall: it’s the image itself that matters.

The Fragile Business of Indie Comics

Upon how many people does the entire indie comics publishing business truly depend? A dozen? Two dozen? Imagine if the entire literary fiction industry turned on the fortunes of such a small number of people. It’s almost inconceivable.

Being Sassy at Warp Speed

It is not the march towards the future that is interesting for Muñoz, but the way in which we inhabit the world in the here and now, specifically the radical potential of our dreams and pleasures to overcome the bonds and strictures of the present.

10am Showing of “Ride Along” Found To Be Truancy Trap

Thousands of students got a surprise today, after morning showings of the film Ride Along were found to be part of an operation by truancy officers nationwide.

Open Lettres from Alex & Jesse: Dear Merle Haggard

We sailed through those towns, murdered that dragon, and snatched up the golden dobro, just like you asked, Merle!

6 Illustrated Quotes by Emil Cioran to Get You Over the Hump Day

Wednesday: To have accomplished nothing and to die overworked.

US Citizen Makes an Application for a Student Visa to the UK Border Agency, in Numbers

After months of relating my soul-crushing experience getting a student visa from the British consulate in New York, I found that numbers speak louder than words.

Polar Vortex DIY

If Do-It-Yourself culture continues to gain appeal as fast as climate change lays on the chaos, it might make sense to look to the hinterlands for both practical guidance and hints about the fashions of the future.