The Big Umbrella

How many people in China even knew the protests in Hong Kong were happening?

Uncomfortable Enthusiasm

One cannot have an uncomfortable enthusiasm for luxury goods. One cannot have an uncomfortable enthusiasm for Bach or caviar.

Against the West: On Minae Mizumura’s A True Novel

Rare is the budding emigrant writer who rejects both America and its language, ensconcing herself in her room to devour books in her mother tongue.

Writing Gigs: 10/13/14

Happy Columbus Day, writers! After exploring the internet’s vast sea of job listings, I discovered some remote writing gigs that will make you shout Work ho!

When the Student is Ready the Teacher Appears to Show You I’m Right

What you want is always unfolding on some level, this belief system says, and this is evident by how good this knowledge feels.

Start with the Obvious

Once we’ve reached our destination we realize it’s still us, and that it will always be us. Many travel writers don’t know how to deal with this disappointment.

Children of Hope

Nothing says Welcome to America quite like a billboard advertising the end of the world.

Ferguson Correctional Institution

From the perspective of authorities, there isn’t much of a difference between prisons and neighborhoods, as we’ve seen happen in Ferguson.

Pure Motion, Pure Emotion

Andrey Platonov’s tales of human tragedy contain moments of connection that provide a hint of a different kind of future, of the stuff of living that keeps hearts beating.

Nudes at the Arcade

These bits of buried poetry, the divergent and deeply personal connections I found myself making, ran like a subterranean river beneath the familiar cultural production of the Status Update.