Why Do Private Prisons Still Exist?

Mass imprisonment, through its privatization, has become intertwined with our way of life.

Trauma Isn’t Normal

Normalizing trauma only hurts us.

Technocracy and The 76ers

The story of the 76ers will now be the story of redemption. But Sam Hinkie’s tragedy is the tragedy of the technocrat.

20 4 420: Irie Edition

I spoke of the exodus and of the repatrination. I quoted Prince Far-I: ‘We’re moving out of Babylon/ One destination, ina Ithiopia …’, I quoted. ‘Ithiopia, the tyrants are falling/ Ithiopia, Britain the great is falling…’

Flint and the Museum of Lead

Lead leaches. From mines to minds, from metal to metaphor.

Making Black Suffering Eloquent: Roger Reeves and King Me

When Reeves asks who speaks for this flesh, the most logical response is, “Who’s the strongest?” And so, we must be strong, lest the forces that cause black suffering overcome us. Let us hope in the end that they don’t behead the king.

Letter From Balat

Transcending beards and time in Istanbul’s suddenly hip neighborhood.

As Far as We Can Go

It is through a mouth full of teeth, wetness, and the potential for song that the ideas, the images, the language adopted from Elverum travel.

What You Are for Halloween in the Underground City

Below downtown Montreal, there are more than 20 miles of underground passages. Spaces in which history is not transfigured, but dimmed.

Model Minorities and The Appropriation of Black Struggle

Peter Liang is a scapegoat but that does not erase his privilege. That cannot erase the fact that for fifty years Chinese-Americans have been bribed with rights to fatten them into this scapegoat, and we have taken them.