Carpe Jeep

Introducing the all-new Jeep Cherokee.

Narcissist at the End of the World

Of all human qualities that catastrophe might emphasize, could it be narcissism that proves itself roach-like, invulnerable?

Down the Craigslist Housing Hole

Going to see actual apartments means you get to peek into peoples’ lives — what they eat for dinner, what they wear when they’re relaxing at home, what their guilty pleasure Tuesday night TV shows are.

Full Stop Real Estate Tip: Gorgeous Rural Mountainous Acreage – $280000

This property is not suitable for farm animals, pets, children, adults, fishing, swimming, hiking or farm animals. Really, it’s not suitable for building or habitation.


How is it that a word which has always conveyed direct agreement has been rethought and re-presented in the form of a tentative question? What does this tell us about how people view making concrete claims? Or about their ability to have their voice heard?

Dichotomy in Need of Troubling: Rich/Poor

It’s impossible to determine whether the “rich” are actively sucking up unprecedented sums of money or if money is simply being batted in their directions by our voyeurism.

The Rebel Yell from the Licensed Pitch

Busking on the London Underground was once an illicit activity conducted through wit, guile, community and negotiation. For more than a decade however, the practice has become radically professionalized.

Down the Rabbit Hole

No matter the tangled path I take to get there, the end result is always the same: a few hours later, I’m sitting in front of my laptop with three tabs open on serial killers, violent paraphilias, or fast-moving infectious diseases.

An Uprising of Coffee Beans and Take Out Boxes

In TV commercials vast and angry crowds march to demand that same great taste, but now with no calories. Retailers don’t just exhort us to buy their stuff, they want us to join their movement and read their manifesto.

“iyt makes me dull to wriyte”: Raymond Pettibon in New York City

Some of Pettibon’s work could be torn from a suspectedly sociopathic child’s secret notebook.