The Fire Next Time

The fire imagery in the Hunger Games films and advertising campaigns recalls the use of self-immolation as a form of political protest.

Brand Brothers

As more and more people are questioning the value of a college education, branding — the process of creating perceived value out of thin air — is becoming increasingly important for universities.

Games and Dolls

A video game is the medium best suited to express such an illusion of agency, the exercise of power within a tightening radius of possibility.

The Bad News is Good News

Climate change finally comes to the foreground — what excellent news! Well, actually, a lot of the news is horrible.

Babelsprech International: Brazilian Poetry, Part 1

Dealing with the practice of your contemporaries means you must tread shifting grounds, balancing yourself between tectonic plates.

Q&A: Institute for New Feeling

Have you ever felt that exact combination of intimacy and awkwardness while walking on a treadmill with a stranger before?

Can Kickstarter and Patreon Help Comics Makers Make a Living?

The time for bemoaning the vanished roles once served by publishers is clearly past. Business has changed; It’s not changing back. Would we even want it to?


No one falls for spam. No one really believes it as it is, pure id spread thick, no ego to mask it. Spam tries to court you but you’re too smart for it.

Q&A with Guillaume Nicloux

In fact it’s not Michel Houellebecq who interests me, but rather Michel Thomas. It’s the human, not the writer.

A Specter Is Haunting Precarity

Is an upper-class student with access to familial resources as precarious as a single mother working at a fast food restaurant laid off for sounding the alarm against sexual harassment at work?