Best of the Blog 2014, (Part 1)

A cursed horoscope, Taylor Swift’s cruel longing, the 1968 Great Bitter Lake Games, and a bunch of cupcake fascists: it’s all here in our 2014 blog recap.

Ferguson in the Present Tense

The status quo is insidious because of its ability to effortlessly co-opt those tenses: a set of constructs born and shaped in the past, hardened in the present, and extended into the future by way of a tacit and self-serving agreement.

The Expats

It’s hard as an expat to see your own special mix of blundering and privilege and not think of it as grotesque comedy, but it’s also hard, for me at least, to figure out where to live.

The Autumn Light

The autumn light, sideways blue and yellow, allows me to travel through it, running.

Some Ideas on Intimacy (Part II)

Watching stand-up live after spending hours enjoying it on tape is about the same as having sex after watching a lot of porn.

On the Hatred of Music

Music has come to involve those who consume its present, often commercial, form in a vast and intricate web of technology, ideology, exploitation, artistry, and much more.

The Echo of Graffiti

We’re entering a post-graffiti urban environment.

Ulysses in Perpetuity

What am I reading? Ulysses, always Ulysses.

Some Ideas on Intimacy (Part 1)

By making it seem as though these lines are serious poetry, Bishop deflects attention from their improvisatory but crafted humor, their vulnerability, and their intimacy.

Neil deGrasse Tyson Explains the Science Behind How High

Renowned astrophysicist and television host Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson explains the science behind the 2001 stoner movie How High.