Anatomy of a Hit Cycle: Country Music Edition

For months now I’ve been tuning in to WGAR 99.5, Cleveland’s Hit Country Music Station, and recently I did a little experiment: I turned on the radio and decided to listen until one song, any song, was repeated.

Today in Economics: The Government Should Buy Everyone a Beer

Amid the scorching summer heat, it’s become clear that it would be totally awesome if the government could get us a little drunk.

Being Blocked in 10 Acts

I hope this doesn’t make me sound under-sexed.

No Swimming: An Ohio Pool and the People Who Lounge Beside It

There’s something secret about them, tucked back inside the endless looping streets filled with vinyl-sided homes, newly planted trees and signs that say “Residents Only.”

Neil Young’s Voice and American Violence

The soundtrack of my war was always Young. No other voice was so touched by the violence it was itself participating in.

Your Guide to Tonight’s Olympic Opening Ceremony

The ceremony begins, as all things do, in complete darkness. A flash, and then smoke, and then a red telephone box.

Reading a Book by its Cover

Couture inspired by our favorite survivalists from young adult fiction.

The Dark and the Sublime

Every act of censorship is a tacit admission that the artistic sublime is a double-edged sword.

Marissa Mayer’s Gender Oblivion

The problem with Mayer is that she seems to resist any opportunity to own her womanhood, to speak out about it without apologizing for it.

A Few Too Many Words About Cats and The Internet

The cat video film festival is another case of something that is not particularly interesting, but raises some interesting issues.