Family Values vs. Philandering Suicidal Mothers

In the days before most Western women could control the size of their families, obtain no-fault divorces, or achieve financial freedom, a magnificent breed of novels portrayed the lives of spirited women who beat helplessly against the societal walls that confined them.

Free Pussy Riot!

Over the past weekend, Russian authorities arrested suspected members of Pussy Riot, a feminist punk band that has bravely ridiculed the Putin regime.

Play It Again, Sam (and Again, and Again…)

What Bradford Cox did is more interesting than eventful — mostly it’s funny, but also a reminder that a majority of social contracts are bullshit, and that we all tend to kind of resent the people who love us.

The Other Facebook Movie

I’d like to earnestly proclaim that The Academy’s best picture of the year, THE ARTIST, is actually an allegory for courtship in the Facebook era.

Full Stop Goes to AWP

Here it is: the trade secrets, the panels and moments we kept bringing back up over meals — really, everything that inspired us to discuss hotel arrangements for the 2013 AWP in Boston on our El ride home.

Walking The Wire

How famous does something have to be to justify it having a walking tour? How heinous the crime?

KRONCH FA-THOOM BUDDABUDDABUDDABUDDA: Performing Sound Effects in Comic Books

If the speech balloon is the most comic-booky element of comic books, what about THOOMs and KAPOWs and BLAMs?

Making Time: A Calendar Reform Primer

A calendar does more than measure our position in relation to the cosmos — it has to, since the cosmos are awfully remote. Against the backdrop of the hegemony of the Gregorian calendar, there have been multiple passes at calendar reform. I’ve gathered a few here.

Grindr, Reviewed

For everyone whose pick-up line is invasive (“naked pics,” “Hi! Interested in getting sucked off and making some cash,” “We’re close, wanna fuck?”), there are many polite and lovely people: “Hello. How are you?” or “What a nice smile!”

Fukushima and the Nuclear Age

It’s been almost a year — 356 days, to be precise — since a magnitude 9.0 earthquake rocked Japan and unleashed one of the most frightening crises of the 21st century.