Harvey Kurtzman’s Corpse on the Imjin

We still wish to believe that every single person who wears this uniform is a hero, someone we should emulate. Harvey Kurtzman would have none of that.

You Can’t Spell Chart Without A-R-T

There are some places in the musical landscape that are unforgivable, that showcase a wretchedness beyond the thoughtless, market-driven lyrics and forever-grinding standard tempos of pop-music machinery. I’m talking about knock-off pop music.

THE POET (Tries to Get Laid With Poetry)

I was a Poet (capital P). An Artist (capital A). I was, therefore, an A-hole (another capital A) who thought himself a Poet Artist.

Our Third War

The drone war, wherein our military and intelligence services team up to send unmanned planes to kill suspected terrorists and whoever is standing next to them, if you’re wondering, is the “growth industry” General Petraeus was talking about.

Cool is Over, but Cultural Commons are Kicking Ass

A response to Helen Stuhr-Rommereim’s blog post “Cool is Over”.

Karen Berger and the End of the Beginning of the Graphic Novel

Karen Berger’s resignation marks both the end of an era and solidifies some important, disappointing truths about the mainstream U.S. comics industry.

Smaller and Cheaper Than a Breadbox

The thinking to date has been that publishers ought to keep their print business comfortable in order to branch out into ebook production, but this model is becoming increasingly strained amid market pressures and economic downturn.

Byrne-ing Down The House

For all its fascinating technological and philosophical musings, what’s truly great about Byrne’s book is that it’s constantly encouraging you to partake in that joy, too.

On Disco

Disco was western expansionism gone way wrong, a great globalizing force wiping out local culture and voices of dissent. This is what the culture industry does. It locks us in an endless, navel-gazing, polyester-suit-wearing disco beat.

Gene Wolfe

The guy who wrote Moby-Dick was dead for thirty years before anyone realized he’d written the first Great American Novel. Gene Wolfe is still around, but he’s 81. Get a jump on posterity and read him now.