For All the Chaos of Their Bodies

The five short animated films nominated for this year’s Academy Awards are all remarkably conservative in their approach to the animation form.

High School Bands In America Vol. 3

In this installment: Roswell High School’s BASEMENT CRAM JAM and Palo Alto South High School’s WISH YOU WERE QUEER!

The Only Thing Left Worth Saving: Edward Abbey and Contemporary Environmentalism

Abbey’s works depict environmentalism not as a practical solution to human problems, but as an offshoot of passion, fueled by the need to protect what you love.

Tonight: Lars Iyer & McKenzie Wark In Conversation

Tonight at 7PM, the great Lars Iyer will be in conversation with media theorist McKenzie Wark at BookCourt in Brooklyn. The editors of Full Stop will be hosting the event; Plymouth Gin and beer will be lovingly provided.

Libraries Ancient, Real, and Mostly Imagined

A short discussion about San Antonio’s new bookless library with The Library at Night, by Alberto Manguel, using only quotes from the text itself.

Whose England?

I do not feel that I’ve gotten a very good sense of Britain in the four months since I moved to London for graduate school. And so, seeking to understand this place a little better, I did what I sometimes do when I’m not sure what to think about something: I turned to George Orwell.

The Editors of Full Stop were Live!

FS Editors discussed online literary criticism.

Notes on the Firebombing of the Freedom Press Bookshop

What happened on Friday was not a regime officer tossing copies of Marx one by one into a bonfire in a public square, but it was nonetheless a book burning, an attempt to intimidate a movement or stifle an ideology by destroying its literature.

Throwing Fire-Balls Like the Rest: Whitman and Drones

Like absent angels, hovering invisibly over the North American continent, drones maintain a clandestine presence in Whitman’s poetry.

Axolotl: Floating Phantom

Conquistadors noted that the Aztec capital – with these verdant gardens rolling into the royal city of pyramids and palaces – was more breathtaking than any in Europe. Then they leveled most of the pyramids and filled in most of the canals.