Oblivion By Design: Drones and Social Media

In a digital age of digital warfare fought (on one side, at least) on computer screens, a reaction on computer screens is only natural.

War is Hell

Casting policy in a military light is certainly not a new practice, of course, but today’s skirmishes are a far cry from the legislative crusades of the last century.

Henry, Paul, and Bela

The Portrait of a Lady, The Master, and Damnation, characterized by intimacy and interiority, are savage in their affect and practically ooze feeling. Moreover, they are narrative triumphs which make for a strange trifecta but somehow, a fitting one.

Creation and Collapse Through The Thrift Store

The Shelley I admire is the the other half of the famous couple: the Shelley who built a monster. I look at each consumerist tragedy as if it were a parts list, rather than an approach to sincerity by way of a font of irony.

The Great American Proctologist

With Roth in retirement, who will diagnose America’s ills?

The Laws of Attraction

We can look past Jude Law’s features and see only the face of the character — old, emotionally stunted, and quite unattractive.

Night Presence IV, Not Present

“When we opened the sculpture up there was just air,” Kuhn said. “The entire central section was a pile of iron dust that had long since washed away.”

Reimagining America’s Ugliest Spaces

In the otherwise bleak landscape of our criminal justice system, these empty prisons could be an atypical source of hope and reclamation.

By Nature Infatuated

Sometimes science needs a nut to shift the paradigm.

Joe Wright’s Impeccably Risky Staging of Anna Karenina

As an audience, we simultaneously see a couple completely absorbed in each other’s being, a whirling crowd casting judgment, and a young woman’s heart breaking. We see a coming together, then a ripping apart.