Borderland Adventures

Borderlands are fun as narrative metaphors, but they are less fun to live in.

Who is Sugar?

Our favorite advice columnist in all of history, Dear Sugar from the Rumpus, will unveil her real world identity tonight. We’re taking guesses as to who she’ll turn out to be.

Remembering The Enemy Dead

Everyone knows that the first World War set the stage for the second. You probably know all about the horrible terms set at Versailles. But people are rarely able to name an individual German loss in the war. Allow me to introduce you to Albert Weisgerber.

My Year with the Canon (According to ETS)

Whether or not I ace the GRE Subject Test in Literature, I have gained an invaluable amount of literary knowledge and perspective on the canon (whatever it may be).

What We Talk About When We Talk About The Minnesota Timberwolves

Sports are soap operas, and if you watch closely you can pick out the artists at work among gladiators.

My Brother Emailed Me Christian Sex Tapes

The creepy gospel of Tim Chaddick.

Dirty Mirrors

The best portraits are self-reflexive: a guest at a party with one eye on the host and the other on the door, a mirror with a carefully-placed layer of grease.

No Porn, Memes, Ads, or Government Ties: The “Real News”

The Real News Network clearly has its priorities in place, firmly opposite those of other new media outlets.

Ancient Ice vs. Emotionally-Crippling Irony

Lake Vostok hasn’t felt wind in over 20 million years. For the last 20 of those years, a Russian team of scientists and engineers have been drilling through the 2.2 miles of hardened Antarctic ice in conditions so harsh that machines frequently stop working and air traffic is halted.

Corey McCorkle’s Forgotten Fantasies

In McCorkle’s work it is not the ordinary that is forgotten — but the extraordinary, the phenomenal, and the exotic.