The Rhetoric of Marriage Rights

Change is a process and we are still at a fairly early stage of gender and sexuality reform. But we should be redefining “normal,” not bending to it.

Gnostic Creation Myths and Foul Language

FORMING is a super strange graphic novel published by the super strange English publishing house NOBROW and written by possible genius Jesse Moynihan.

Elegy for a Census Form

In a neoliberal America, even information-gathering has been outsourced to private enterprise.


Maybe this is, in fact, our contemporary condition: to want exactly what everyone has always wanted and at the same time to undercut the validity of wanting that thing.

Remembering Maurice Sendak

Sendak’s voice leads children through the darkest thickets of their imagination, telling them where to take the right turn (especially when the right turn is the wrong one) to have a riotous adventure.

Zend and the Art of Typewriter Maintenance

I’m not into concrete poetry for the same reasons that Donald Barthelme wasn’t into conceptual art: it seems too easy, and once you “get” it, you don’t need it anymore. But it’s a lot easier to dismiss genres than individual artists. My exception to the rule is Robert Zend.

Beyond Titles: Scholarship vs. Journalism

People always love a good giggle about how irrelevant those silly egg-headed elites in their ivory towers can be.

Introducing The Full Stop Commenter Hall of Fame

Ah, the gilded hall of the Full Stop Commenter Hall of Fame, located in the basement of the YMCA in fun-loving Plattsburgh, NY.


Pour out some Brass Monkey for one of the greats.

More Found Literary Love Letters from Political Figures

After the stir over the release of Barack Obama’s letter on “The Wasteland” to his college girlfriend, the timing seemed right to dig into the epistolary archives of other contemporary political figures.