Gone Fishin’

We’ve gone away for the weekend. See you Tuesday morning!

Something Someone Would Actually Tweet

Jennifer Egan, Pulitzer Prize (and every other prize) winning author, is publishing a story on Twitter. Her use of the second person completely and utterly captures the spirit of the medium.

Doc Watson, R.I.P.

American music legend Doc Watson is sadly no longer in the world.

Reading: Confession / Absolution

My thinking was always, “What’s the point of a long Hemingway work?”

A Trip Around the Writer’s Block

At what point does drawing a blank (and another, and another) officially qualify you for diagnosis with psychic masochism?

The Space Between Spaces

The issue of sentence spacing, like all typographical conventions, is a victim of circumstance, and partisans on both sides tend to trace their allegiance back to different writing technologies.

Letter Not About Elections, 5/23/2012

Shklovsky’s theories are rewarding for those trying to articulate to themselves what art is supposed to do and why it is important.

Searching for Jesse’s Twitter: 10 Burning Questions

Why, after at least two years of public, belligerent, lewd, and verified tweeting, was the greatest Twitter account of our time shut down without warning or explanation?

How to Find the Things You Like

My cultural consumption has become a well-oiled machine, generating mostly superb product with only the occasionally dud.

The Rhetoric of Marriage Rights

Change is a process and we are still at a fairly early stage of gender and sexuality reform. But we should be redefining “normal,” not bending to it.