A Writer’s Life

Some things change, but some things don’t.

Hello Christine Brooke-Rose, R.I.P.

The work of Christine Brooke-Rose reminds us that the joy of literature isn’t in recognition and confirmation, but in playful discovery.

Arrrgh, Achtung! The State of Piracy in Germany

Isn’t the point at which they hold real political authority the time to start taking things seriously? Not to some Pirates, it seems.

Is Culture Finally Dead Yet?

The problem with the barrage of articles about the death of common decency or the increasing rate of single motherhood is that it makes society a zero-sum game.

Who Will Be Able To Tell The Difference?

Instagram is about making sure your life looks beautiful, and not leaving it up to chance.

Günter Grass and the Perils of Political Poetry

Grass’s poem reads like an Intro to IR lecture given in haiku.

Quebec Students Prefer Not To

The argument of the students of Quebec goes far beyond bowing to the cold economic realities proffered by state and provincial governments, who claim that public money for education is simply not there.

A Joyful Rebellion

An ostentatious show of power and control has led to a breathtaking graffiti project that has now completely taken over concrete surfaces with murals that function to erase walls by simply painting through them.

Take Back The Strand!

With a possible strike looming, Strand workers have started their own website explaining the events which have led them to this point, what they stand to lose, and what we, as patrons of independent bookstores, would also be losing.

CanonBall [Winners Announced!]

Welcome to CanonBall. It’s like the Superbowl, except 100% different.