A Review of Warrior (Album Commentary) by Ke$ha

Ke$ha (or, as The New York Times calls her, “Kesha”) released a commentary album on Spotify for her new album, Warrior; it’s approximately ten and a half minutes of Ke$ha talking and it’s fantastic.

Cool Is Over

There is no lag time, seemingly no period during which the avant-garde is actually more advanced than the plain old guard. Any sense there might once have been of ‘underground’ or ‘subculture’ has collapsed into one cultural behemoth.

The 10 Best Books of 2012

The year’s best books, as selected by the editors of Full Stop.

The Enduring Romance with Proust

While fans often praise “The Novel” for its depth and enduring cultural relevance, Proust’s magnum opus isn’t exactly what most people would consider accessible. So why is Proust’s work experiencing something of a renaissance?

High School Bands In America Vol. 2

In this installment: Hendrix High School’s The Seven Deadlies and Saint Catherine Academy For Girls’ Jillian Wittzcomb.

Why I’m Retiring

Consider this my letter of resignation. I’m retiring. Look, I’ve been doing this thankless job of writing fiction for a few years now. Doesn’t matter how many. Five, maybe. But like I said, doesn’t matter.

Reading a Book by its Cover

If you spent a childhood wishing each birthday for a daemon of your own and still, to this day, associate the aurora borealis and the I Ching with Dust, this month’s guide to readerly fashion is for you.

A Few Indignant Words for The Professor

Apparently, our problem is that we are not “people who have suffered.” And it’s true that, despite the mild irritations of a bombed-out economy and dizzying unemployment rates and sky-high student debt and a stagnant government and the threat of climate change, we’re doing okay.

Why I Don’t Like Argo

To see this film so widely and uncritically embraced might be a testament to how accustomed people have gotten to absorbing this kind of distortion from Hollywood.

Amber, Archers, Cinnamon, Horses and Birds

In remembrance of Jack Gilbert.