Why Can’t We Have a Good Inaugural Poet Ever?

If poets are uncomfortable writing a poem to celebrate the president, why do we keep having someone come and read a poem written especially for the occasion?

Exciting New Online Literary Magazines

With so many online literary magazines and journals, it can be hard to keep up with the newest and most exciting. Here is a guide to some new up and comers.

Fear of Flying

No matter which airline I fly, I continue to cringe at the deliberately ominous abstraction of the announcement, “We’ll be on the ground shortly.”

Six Songs About Whiskey

Thanks, whiskey! Drinking music from Tex Ritter, Willie Dixon, Lotte Lenya, Eyehategod, Texas Top Hands, and The Pogues.

Me and My Bible

She turned into what? A pillar of salt?! Whoa. A father nearly killing his son, Isaac? Gadzooks!

Dispatches from Indian Country

There is a lot of history — a lot of history — that has never made its way into the history books.

Do You Have [censored]?

A tale of two bookstores.

The Internet Is Not The Only 24-Hour Bookstore

“I mean, once we’ve got everything scanned, and cheap reading devices are ubiquitous…nobody’s going to need bookstores, right?”

Quentin Tarantino Keeps His Head

“Quentin Tarantino is interested in watching someone’s ear getting cut off; David Lynch is interested in the ear.” It’s a damn good line. It’s funny and it’s succinct, and it would be pretty insightful if it weren’t for the fact that it’s flat-out wrong.

Nothing Truly Dies in Comics: The New Micro-Publishers

In comics, nothing stays dead. Characters whose deaths clog the news over and over and over one year are assured of their resurrection the next. Series are constantly cancelled then revived. And it’s not just characters or their series; the last few years have proved that even comics publishing formats don’t stay dead.