When I Was a Child, I Read Weird Books

I read sitting cross-legged on my cold concrete basement floor, surrounded by the drying exoskeletons of dead bugs. That was really the only way to read Omni.

Michael Jordan Porn

There is something to be said for the ’90s generation’s obsession with reproductions.

Of Trepalia and Chewing Stones

Who, after all, wants to grow up in a post-fabulous age — even one protected, more often than not, from the stench of shit? Who wants to exist in a world bereft of magic?

Love Is Not All You Need

Love has been and will be an integral part of any civil rights movement, but we must remember that it alone is not enough, that we cannot stop here.

Recession America Needs Kenny Powers

Through the eyes-half-shut haze of a debt-ridden and sweat-stained high, we see a rider. He is on a Boogie Board. He is flipping us off.

A Snake Eating Its Tail

Is there value in having the same arguments over and over?

The Monsters of Summer

Sharks seem to occupy some strange borderland between the world of actual and preventable danger and the darkened recesses of our imaginations.

“Philosophical Differences”

In a world increasingly run by money as power, the last safe spaces for the pursuit of knowledge as an end are being taken over.

Zombies Have Invaded the Internet

For a person sufficiently creeped out by the possibility of zombies, a simple 1.8 minutes spent chasing the paper trail from Google to the CDC’s drab government website will give them exactly what they’re looking for. Or not.