A Fisher King in the White House

Reagan-as-void is a necessary first step in the project of understanding what precisely occurred in the White House during the eighties.

Two Sides of America

Recommendations for people who think America is pretty cool, but hate going outside to prove it.

Stereo Bliss

Summer is the season of sticky things: sticky skin, sticky drinks, sticky melodies.

Best of “God Hates Us All”

A tribute to Slayer’s “God Hates Us All” after the untimely death of Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman.

First Class on a Sinking Ship

Eric Hobsbawm, beloved and recently deceased, was the rare type of Marxist who receives a complimentary obituary from The Economist.

20 4 420: 2013 Edition

20 heady songs! Featuring: Morphine! Rain Parade! Follakzoid! Yes! Cave! And many others!

20 4 420: Irie Edition

A 100% Irie playlist of the finest reggae.

Jerry’s Jams: A Rundown of the Peaceful Warrior’s Battle Axes

Mellow slow with these choice cuts featuring some of Jerry’s most iconic guitars.

A Life in The Closet

“Races condemned to one hundred years of solitude do not get a second chance on this earth.” That line would have no place here. Gilbert Hernandez’s book suggests that Julio’s family, despite all the time nature and history rob them of, do not need another chance to make anything right.

Some New York Bars

Drinking with Rosie Schaap’s “Drinking with Men.”