Jerry’s Jams: A Rundown of the Peaceful Warrior’s Battle Axes

Mellow slow with these choice cuts featuring some of Jerry’s most iconic guitars.

A Life in The Closet

“Races condemned to one hundred years of solitude do not get a second chance on this earth.” That line would have no place here. Gilbert Hernandez’s book suggests that Julio’s family, despite all the time nature and history rob them of, do not need another chance to make anything right.

Some New York Bars

Drinking with Rosie Schaap’s “Drinking with Men.”

Liminality Prevails in Dark Paradise

There are two broader themes mutually shared between all exhibited artwork: first, the melancholic loneliness of landscape, and second, the duality of heavenly elements in a hellish milieu or, conversely, the demonic details in a heavenly environment.

Searching for Calvin’s Dad

The “recluse” artist is an endangered species, but there’s still one artist keeping the idea of the private public figure alive: Bill Watterson, writer and illustrator of Calvin and Hobbes.

The Art of Exploitation

What makes Amanda Palmer’s form of exploitation particularly clever is that it doesn’t look like exploitation — it looks like happy people sharing a good time.

Barzun’s Guide to Baseball

I’d like to argue, though, that there is more here than just a seasonal shift — that a more cosmic confluence exists between Passover, Easter, and baseball that enriches and enlivens why so many of us love so dearly this age-old American pastime. Here, I want to turn to Jacques Barzun.

The Inaccessibility of the American Courtroom

Between the “legalese,” the adversarial nature of proceedings, and the physical divisions of the courtroom, it comes as no surprise these spaces feel increasingly unapproachable to the general public.

Found in Translation

Yet in reading translations of contemporary poetry written in non-Western languages, I’ve noticed that they often feel the same. These poems feel… translated.

While Everyone Was At South By Southwest I Was At Emo’s East

Emo’s had seen Austin, buoyed by SXSW, come into itself as the live musical capital of the world. And then it watched as the city outgrew itself.