We are Frankenstorm

We have collectively become like a god, unleashing watery fury upon — ourselves.

The Sensual Part Of It

The idea that technology creates behavior is so widespread it masquerades as common knowledge, a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Writer Types

That so many writers are asked how they write by interviewers, that there’s such a fetishisation of the writing process, is more than a little unsettling.

Haunted Houses

In honor of October, Halloween, and the spider-web decals on my nails, here are my recommendations for a pair of off-the-beaten haunted house novels.

A Letter to the Allies of the Democratic Party

If we realize that the domestic policies held up by in defense of the Obama administration as defenses against his morally reprehensible foreign policies are destructive as well, then the question of supporting Obama becomes much more complicated.

My Way on the Highway

These people decided they wanted a giant statue of Jesus in front of their church, and they’re going to have it, no matter what. It’s the story they want to tell, and they’re telling it.

Eric Hobsbawm, In Memoriam

Through Stalin’s purges, the tanks in Budapest, the Great Leap Forward, and the fall of the Berlin Wall, Eric Hobsbawm remained unshakeable in his belief of Marxism’s emancipatory potential.

Reading a Book by its Cover

Fashion inspired by John Irving’s best novels.

Broken Things

Most conversations, or written diatribes, about technology work off an unstated and false assumption of technology in a vacuum: technology always working perfectly, technology always available.

The Data of Humanness

Visionary futurist Erkki Kurenniemi’s work seems like a gesture of startling hope in the potential for technology to preserve and reproduce the essence of life.