Take Back The Strand!

With a possible strike looming, Strand workers have started their own website explaining the events which have led them to this point, what they stand to lose, and what we, as patrons of independent bookstores, would also be losing.

CanonBall [Winners Announced!]

Welcome to CanonBall. It’s like the Superbowl, except 100% different.

The Rise of the Lecherous Professor (in Fiction)

He’s crusty, grumpy, aging, and set in his outdated ways. He’s a he. Mortality is on his mind, and his will to bed women a fraction of his age increases in direct proportion to his fear of aging and death.

The Life Expectancy of a Literary Journal

In 2012, to make yourself “un-googlable” is perhaps the ballsiest move any single group trying to communicate with people outside of that group can make.

How To Read Books

How to read the following books: The Art of Fielding, Fifty Shades of Grey,The Sense of an Ending, His Dark Materials, A Game of Thrones, Lolita, Housekeeping, and anything by Murakami.

Adrienne Rich, R.I.P.

In her work, Ms. Rich has never let her readers believe in a distinction between the personal and the political, the personal and the artistic, the personal and the poetic. An angry, beautiful struggle shines in her poetry, one which her death does not end.

The Ads of the D.C. Metro

A quick glance at the public advertising in Metro stations and bus shelters around Washington, DC will tell you more about America and her capital than any memorial, monument, or museum.

But We’re Not Friends! Facebook and Getting Hired

Asking to actually log into a prospective employees’ profile and look at the info as “User A” seems like a completely unreasonable request.

What Is a Blog Good For?

With ArabLit, Qualey hoped she would bring Arabic literature to a broad group of people who had potentially never even thought about Arabic literature before.

Please Tell Me What This Means

The most vulgar machinations of capitalism mate with quasi-mystical mass-nostalgia, and you get a Confederate flag and pot leaf beach towel.