Football and Fracking

Football and fracking are both inherently dangerous, inherently dirty and immensely appealing.

Confessions of a Fan Photographer

Full Stop editor Max Rivlin-Nadler has a piece up now over at The Classical (which we like, a lot) about his time as fan photographer at Madison Square Garden. We recommend it.

Digested Reads, Pre-Digested

It’s kind of an expressionist critique of writing that less holds the authors’ flaws up to a mirror than creates a grotesque sock puppet caricature of the work; mimicking the tone while throwing the voice.

Heavy Metal Conservatism

Is it fair to call Santorum heavy metal’s candidate based on the strength of one high-profile endorsement?


Most outlets have incorrectly identified the text Lin and Fields “read” as the Bible, but a well-placed source in the New York Knicks organization (definitely, defintely not Renaldo Balkman) recently informed us that this is not the case.

Reading a Book by its Cover

We’ve found ourselves coated in glitter as a result of our recent immersion in Warhol-era memoirs.

Dear Sugar’s Unveiling

Dear Sugar has revealed her real-world identity, and sweet peas around the world are beside themselves.

Borderland Adventures

Borderlands are fun as narrative metaphors, but they are less fun to live in.

Who is Sugar?

Our favorite advice columnist in all of history, Dear Sugar from the Rumpus, will unveil her real world identity tonight. We’re taking guesses as to who she’ll turn out to be.

Remembering The Enemy Dead

Everyone knows that the first World War set the stage for the second. You probably know all about the horrible terms set at Versailles. But people are rarely able to name an individual German loss in the war. Allow me to introduce you to Albert Weisgerber.