August: Hillsborough County

American politics have always been contentious, are usually vitriolic, and not uncommonly peppered with the rhetoric of (metaphorical) violence.

Full Stop Interview in Paperback Edition of The Art of Fielding

Full Stop Editor-in-Chief Alex Shephard’s interview with Art of Fielding author Chad Harbach (which we published in September) has been included with the paperback release of the book.

Occupy: May Day

Follow Full Stop all day for updates on the May Day General Strike.

Knope’s Republic

If Parks and Recreation is positioning itself as a kind of parable for national politics, its clear distinction between the parameters of corporate and public power, so blurred in today’s laws and practices, makes it painfully obvious that much of what we consider commonplace in today’s political scene is not just morally unsound, but truly anti-republican and anti-democratic.

Announcing the Full Stop Tumblr

Full Stop is very happy to announce our new Tumblr.

The Raven: Box Office Authors

When I heard that John Cusack would be playing Edgar Allen Poe tracking down a serial killer, my first thought was: man, the Party Down writers were prescient.

An Apology for Facebook

Sherry Turkle is right: people used to be able to tell the truth without resorting to technology — they used alcohol.

Pussy Riot and the Patriarch

In the most liberal city in Russia, a crowd approaching the capacity of Luzhniki Stadium amassed in favor of jailing blasphemers.

Markson’s Rejections

Each rejection is a charge against him read aloud in a courtroom. Each one is a lash, a punishment that he knowingly risked and eventually overcame.

Zombie Vouchers: Return of the Failed Reform

Despite their proven failure and immense public unpopularity, conservatives emboldened by Republican victories in the 2010 midterm elections have brought vouchers back with a vengeance.