Revising a Novel

Revising a novel is like having bugs in your apartment.

All Smoke, No Fire

A list of charges against PROMETHEUS, a film that I had high expectations for; a film that broke my heart.

A Commencement Address From the Slapstick President

Where President Obama balances between will and inevitability, we find Buster Keaton, on commencement day, not charging ahead to shape a future, but pausing, vacillating, everywhere at once. Bumbling, stumbling, crashing forward.

Picking Poppies

Death remains in the poppy fields, away from the homes to which we inevitably return, impossible to assimilate in our minds.

Red Bull Total Zero

A word, when repeated ad infinitum, tends to lose meaning. Total Zero, when repeated, only grows stronger.

Gone Fishin’

We’ve gone away for the weekend. See you Tuesday morning!

Something Someone Would Actually Tweet

Jennifer Egan, Pulitzer Prize (and every other prize) winning author, is publishing a story on Twitter. Her use of the second person completely and utterly captures the spirit of the medium.

Doc Watson, R.I.P.

American music legend Doc Watson is sadly no longer in the world.

Reading: Confession / Absolution

My thinking was always, “What’s the point of a long Hemingway work?”

A Trip Around the Writer’s Block

At what point does drawing a blank (and another, and another) officially qualify you for diagnosis with psychic masochism?