What A Day Job Gives You

A day job. That vile-sounding thing. If you type the words “day job” enough times, they start to seem like a sex act. A sex act you do for money.

Sex and Punishment: Homosexuality in and out of Prison

It’s clear that sex and punishment are nearly synonymous in the logic of capitalist mass incarceration.

Unknowable Quantities

Where much of the horror genre frantically casts a flashlight around the area between the known and the unknown, Brian Evenson’s stories are more concerned with the knowable and the unknowable. They wonder why you’re even bothering with that flashlight.

America’s Most Wanted Great American Novelist UPDATE: Franzen Responds

The Editors offer Jonathan Franzen the opportunity to clear his name on a redemptive birdwatching trek through the foothills of the Santa Cruz mountains.

Not Guilty

Racism is a symptom of this order, not its reason for being.

A Fisher King in the White House

Reagan-as-void is a necessary first step in the project of understanding what precisely occurred in the White House during the eighties.

Two Sides of America

Recommendations for people who think America is pretty cool, but hate going outside to prove it.

Stereo Bliss

Summer is the season of sticky things: sticky skin, sticky drinks, sticky melodies.

Best of “God Hates Us All”

A tribute to Slayer’s “God Hates Us All” after the untimely death of Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman.

First Class on a Sinking Ship

Eric Hobsbawm, beloved and recently deceased, was the rare type of Marxist who receives a complimentary obituary from The Economist.