Zombie Vouchers: Return of the Failed Reform

Despite their proven failure and immense public unpopularity, conservatives emboldened by Republican victories in the 2010 midterm elections have brought vouchers back with a vengeance.

Festival of Books!

The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books! A weekend full of optimism, pessimism, sex, mystery, and mountains and mountains of books.

The Cabins and the Woods and the Brows

“Why do you like this? Why do you want to see this hot girl’s boobs and then see her torn apart by redneck zombies to punish her for showing her boobs? Why are you getting off on all this pain and suffering?!”

Ghost Ships!

Who are we to try to tease out disappointing, scientific reasons for their spooky voyages?

20 4 420

20 heady jams! Hype Williams! Hawkwind! oOoOO! Toro y Moi! 16 others!


Is it #fridayweeds where you are yet? Is it late-afternoon, a little after four? Is it the California New Year? We’d like to share some of our recommendations, our favorite #fridayweeds!

Close to Home: One Man vs. the Global Climate

What is the president of a country of 350,000 to do about an issue that requires the cooperation of the world’s most powerful heads of state?

A Writer’s Life

Some things change, but some things don’t.

Hello Christine Brooke-Rose, R.I.P.

The work of Christine Brooke-Rose reminds us that the joy of literature isn’t in recognition and confirmation, but in playful discovery.

Arrrgh, Achtung! The State of Piracy in Germany

Isn’t the point at which they hold real political authority the time to start taking things seriously? Not to some Pirates, it seems.