Dawn of the Dread

Thomas Tryon’s THE OTHER and the power of dread.

What Can We Learn from the Harlem Shake?

The more aware we become of the ways in which form influences content, the more we can learn about what our memes say about us.

Willing to Believe

Is it actually so hard to understand why someone would seek out the soothing sympathy of one who understands them, and why they would not want to let the semblance of that understanding presence disappear?

10 Most Anticipated Comics of 2013

With comics from Suchiro Maruo, Grant Morrison, Emily Carroll, and many more.

When Public Data Is Too Public

The expanding accessibility of data now frightens us in much the same way its mere presence once did.

Techniques in Voice

It would be dangerous to employ voice in your writing before learning the appropriate techniques.

Abbas Kiarostami’s Like Someone in Love and Filming Ambiguity

This is the confusion of Kiarostami’s set-up: everything is ambiguous. For each thing he seems to be “telling” us, we question whether he actually means it, if it means anything at all. He never gives us the whole picture.

For All the Chaos of Their Bodies

The five short animated films nominated for this year’s Academy Awards are all remarkably conservative in their approach to the animation form.

High School Bands In America Vol. 3

In this installment: Roswell High School’s BASEMENT CRAM JAM and Palo Alto South High School’s WISH YOU WERE QUEER!

The Only Thing Left Worth Saving: Edward Abbey and Contemporary Environmentalism

Abbey’s works depict environmentalism not as a practical solution to human problems, but as an offshoot of passion, fueled by the need to protect what you love.