Roll My Eyes: Digital Comics and Guided Viewing

Why move your own eyes when “industry standard navigation technology” can do it for you?

Climate Change, Kafka, and the End of Place

As Kafka de-territorialized German, global warming is de-territorializing climate.

Reading a Book by its Cover

A fashion guide to our favorite Madeleine L’Engle books.

“Call Me Maybe,” Maybe

A music video with a gay dude who you don’t immediately know is gay! I cannot figure out the song “Call Me Maybe.”

Loving an Author

Loving an author is different than loving a book. Loving an author is developing an insatiable need to consume everything they have written; loving an author is infection.

Tuesdays with Kaspar

I’d like to introduce you to my paunchy little friend Kaspar Hauser.

Nazis On The Moon

There’s something pretty absurd about all of this.

The New People’s Library

After the seizure of “The People’s Library” at Zuccotti Park last November, Paolo Mossetti asked leading writers, activists, and academics how they would repopulate the empty shelves.

Strike at The Strand?

For over 35 years, employees of The Strand have been members of the United Auto Workers. However, as John Farley writes in Metrofocus, management appears to be engaging in certain policies that aim to disrupt and eventually dissolve unionized labor at the venerated independent bookstore.

On Language and Nonsense

The constant use and re-use of certain words and stock phrases is a defining characteristic of the average political speech of any hue. They are repeated, mantra-like until they become devoid of almost all meaning.