Failed Questionnaires

A series of failed attempts at a year-end questionnaire and a preview of things to come.

Best of the Blog 2013 (part 2)

When panic takes over, the arbitrary program that decides asylum, notes towards a study of anthropomorphism, and the revolutionary aspects of coffee beans. We conclude our look back at the best of the blog.

Best of the Blog 2013 (part 1)

The mysteries of the axolotl, the swan song of the booty call, Reagan as Trojan Horse, and one conspicuous Novelist exposed as a con man: it’s all here in our 2013 blog recap (stay tuned for Part 2 tomorrow)

The 10 Best Books of 2013

The year’s best books, as selected by the editors of Full Stop.

The Modern Love of Navigating Boston

How do you relate to the city, a place so complicated and so engrossing, when you don’t even know your way around? How am I supposed to figure out the colloquialism of New England navigation, if I can’t figure out the basic coordinates?

“Hey, check out my blog!”: Curating Taste and the Future of Art

In an image-saturated society, taste has transcended consumption.

Their England

My father is a good man. He loves his family, and worked hard for years to support us. He is thoughtful, considerate, and an excellent listener. Unfortunately, like many people of his generation who came of age in the Britain of the 1960s, he is also a racist.

On “NME Young Britannia Stars On… Politics”

It seems even this now disreputable music paper could not escape the appearance of a swelling torrent of political engagement in the zeitgeist.

Strange Familiars

Taxonomies, the naming of others, the possibility of death and dismemberment but also of strange alliances, eating together, eating each other; Just Like A Human! oozes with barely contained guts.

Cops Off Campus

It was a raucous but peaceful affair; a self-organized march to the entrance of the previously occupied library. Just before we reached it the police descended, filling the road with wagons and running through the crowd to block the entrance.