Whose England?

I do not feel that I’ve gotten a very good sense of Britain in the four months since I moved to London for graduate school. And so, seeking to understand this place a little better, I did what I sometimes do when I’m not sure what to think about something: I turned to George Orwell.

The Editors of Full Stop were Live!

FS Editors discussed online literary criticism.

Notes on the Firebombing of the Freedom Press Bookshop

What happened on Friday was not a regime officer tossing copies of Marx one by one into a bonfire in a public square, but it was nonetheless a book burning, an attempt to intimidate a movement or stifle an ideology by destroying its literature.

Throwing Fire-Balls Like the Rest: Whitman and Drones

Like absent angels, hovering invisibly over the North American continent, drones maintain a clandestine presence in Whitman’s poetry.

Axolotl: Floating Phantom

Conquistadors noted that the Aztec capital – with these verdant gardens rolling into the royal city of pyramids and palaces – was more breathtaking than any in Europe. Then they leveled most of the pyramids and filled in most of the canals.

Cheers to The Downwardly Mobile

The snobby, elite, too-smart-for-her-own-good it girl is as old as time. Or at least as old as color TV.

I Knew You Were Trouble

At this point, the only way Paglia could shock her audience would be for her to not be offensive.

The Lathe of Heaven

The Lathe of Heaven the only film or TV adaptation of her work with which Ursula Le Guin herself has ever been pleased. And I can see why.

Can We Please Call a Ceasefire on 20-something Trend Pieces?

Yet another tired page in a growing collection of articles that are inexplicably obsessed with the apparent demise of middle-class, heterosexual romance and the endless perils of being a millennial twenty-something.

Living Line to Line

Hoffman’s biographical passages, expert arrangement of Joseph Roth’s correspondence, and crisp footnotes yield a full arc of synchronised decay — the social fabric of Europe, Roth’s career, and his worldview — all in unison.