Antifa on Ice

When I first watched Nevsky, I was most struck by its campiness.

Full Stop Quarterly: Fractures

Beware what hasn’t already been fractured.

The Low End

I love the sample as you love the sample, Tip—for how it can be extracted from the past and stretched over a sound reaching for the future.

The 10 Best Forthcoming Books of 2019

The year’s best forthcoming books, as selected by the editors of Full Stop.

The Full Stop Reviews Supplement #4

[These pieces] demonstrate what book critics can learn from acts of creative reading, finding in them an image of criticism as creative practice.

That’s How It Starts

The visa, like the song, will end, and I’ll be swept back into regular-time.

On Dispersal

Shall we take dust as the founding metaphor by which to broach the unruly topic of the essay?

James M. Chesbro

“The daydream emerged as such an unbidden gift.”

From “The Inelegant Translation”

My voice doesn’t sound like my voice to him.

Toward a Theology of Noses

Whereas the medievals associated the “combined object of scent” with the capacity for rational discernment—which implies a kind of restraint—Tony Kushner links it to a sense of excess via sexuality.