by Tom Whyman


Initially, Colchester quite rightly seems shabby, ugly, and like there’s nothing really there: but the surface, at least this once, is an illusion.

On Vermeer’s View of Delft

As the picture of the dogs playing poker is for Homer Simpson — for myself at least, just to look upon one of Vermeer’s paintings, is to go mad.

The AEG Turbinenfabrik

The AEG Turbinenfabrik seems alien to our world because it is very clearly a product of a world that was, for all its fault, not yet total crap.

Fucking The Berlin Wall

We may not need Temporal Displacement or an Objektum-Sexual marriage to conceive of the Berlin Wall as something that still stands.

Thad Starner Straps A Computer To His Face

Given we can have no real political capital against a company like Google, the only resort is to smash it.


The fulfillment we get from nostalgia can only be taken up, at best, in an ossified, brittle sort of way. Wes Anderson must understand this, as it is essentially what is dramatized in The Grand Budapest Hotel.

What Is Cupcake Fascism?

If a fascist reich was to be established anywhere today, I believe it would necessarily have to exchange iron eagles for fluffy kittens, swap jackboots for Converse, and the epic drama of Wagnerian horns for mumbled ditties on ukuleles.