by Elias Tezapsidis

Outline – Rachel Cusk

I just really hate feeling like the intended audience of what seems to be a manifesto to giving up on the idea of fiction.

In Times of Facing Light – Eugen Ruge

Like an overcrowded social gathering where one is forced to meet many people on a superficial level, the book offers little insight into the motivations, incentives, and desires of its characters.

Liminality Prevails in Dark Paradise

There are two broader themes mutually shared between all exhibited artwork: first, the melancholic loneliness of landscape, and second, the duality of heavenly elements in a hellish milieu or, conversely, the demonic details in a heavenly environment.

I Knew You Were Trouble

At this point, the only way Paglia could shock her audience would be for her to not be offensive.

Prehistoric Times – Eric Chevillard

The vernacular is ostentatious in the best way possible, and the occasional geeky archeologist terminology is believable coming from the mouth of the narrator, who can be imagined as a sort of David Schwimmer character during his Friends-era popularity.

Metawritings: Notes Toward a Theory of Nonfiction – Jill Talbot

It would be no surprise if, solely based on the book’s title, many would-be readers rolled their eyes uncontrollably.