by Subashini Navaratnam

I Am the Brother of XX – Fleur Jaeggy

The private self will not be saved by rationality.

Double Teenage – Joni Murphy

The problem of girlhood cannot be adequately addressed within the form of literary realism.

Eve Out of Her Ruins – Ananda Devi

I looked up from the fever dream of this Troumaron world to recognize myself in Kuala Lumpur, feeling like something is being sucked out of me.

Bye Bye Blondie – Virginie Despentes

Like Chris Kraus in I LOVE DICK, in this book Despentes too seems to have set out to solve the problem of heterosexuality.

The Lightkeepers – Abby Geni

The same non-intervention the biologists practice on the island — not to leave a human mark on the fragile ecosystem and thus to merely observe, even when a baby animal is dying and could be saved by a small push in the right direction — is extended towards each other.

Rina – Kang Young-Sook

What might be taken for granted as comfortable or soothing or beautiful in a novel that subscribes to bourgeois realism becomes intentionally alienating or disconcerting and potentially hostile in a novel about the subaltern.

Writers – Antoine Volodine

Volodine’s writers, as it turns out, write because they must kill.

The Panopticon – Jenni Fagan

The poorest, youngest, least-defended bodies are handed around, back and forth.