by Silvia Mollicchi

While reading “Sea Unicorns and Land Unicorns”

The doubled reality of one Marianne Moore poem

Roger Shawyer’s EmDrive

A plethora of images that fiction has already implanted in our memories would no longer be just images: from earth-based private flying vehicles to cheap interplanetary human transport.

Julius Neubronner’s Photographer Pigeons

Freedom of natural flight, fetish of the unknown.

Vannevar Bush’s Automatic Microtome

There is no way to know, but perhaps Vannevar’s vision by slicing could have taken different forms in the contemporary age. I cannot stop thinking about this slicing-as-vision in parallel with contemporary means of control.

Cover – Peter Mendelsund

Belonging to a coffee table has never equalled a doomed lack of quality or depth.

Food Chain – Slava Mogutin

The main pitfall of the book is very similar to the main problem porno generally has: after a while, it becomes predictable and boring.

Parties I Have Heard… Of

I have recently realized that if I had to choose one and one-only sentence to encapsulate my personality, it would be: “a person for whom dancing parties are a matter of the utmost importance.”

Making Things Feel Real

Fourteen ships from around the world anchored in the deepest part of the Suez Canal and simply waited there. For eight years.

Unsteady Footing in an Unsettled Map

In those gaps the whistle of a rustling ‘s’ comes through, a vowel remains too open, or not open enough, a sound is distorted, ‘gh’ and ‘f’ and then ‘i’ and ‘y’ get all mixed up.